Stanley Park Back Open After Coyote Situation

There had been an increased number of coyote attacks in Stanley Park and so the park had been closed for a certain amount of time in response to the issue. Stanley Park is one of the most popular places for both locals and tourists and so having it closed wasn’t going to be long-term, now the park is fully reopened to the public for full use as of several days ago.


Why did they close Stanley Park?

With the increase in coyote attacks in Stanley Park a decision was made for safety purposes to close the park overnight as a temporary measure. Fences and signs could be seen around the park warning the public of the dangers with the increase in number of coyote attacks in the park. Now those messages and signs are going to be removed.

But why did it all happen in the first place? All along it had been suspect that people had been feeding coyotes in the park. Now we have more evidence of that after a few individuals were charged with feeding coyotes in Stanley Park, they also had their vehicle seized.

Anyone feeding coyotes in Stanley Park is contributing to this safety risk and so authorities and experts have been warning the public not to engage in this sort of behavior. Feeding the coyotes is doing them more harm than good in the long run.

Aside from feeding coyotes in Stanley Park there are other issues that have also been pointed to as a potential contribution to the problem of increased attacks in the park from coyotes and they include things like food conditioning, displacement, and possibly drugs or toxins in the environment.

It isn’t uncommon to see coyotes around the Stanley Park region or throughout the lower mainland. They have become common sights in cities around the province and it is estimated that there are thousands of them that can be found just around the lower mainland.

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