Not Many Canadians Seem Happy About Recent Election Results

This recent Canadian election had seen a relatively low voter turnout, only about 62% of voters bothered to take part. That is roughly 17 million Canadians who went out and voted from more than 27+ million who are eligible to vote. Compare that 62% turnout this time around in the election to what had been seen in earlier elections years prior which was turnouts around 67% and 68%.


Trudeau won the election and despite the millions who voted for Liberals this time around it seems that not many Canadians are happy with the election results.

About 1 in 10 say that they are happy with the election results in Canada according to one recent poll.

Trudeau has won a minority government, with Conservatives coming in behind them, and the Conservatives also won more of the popular vote this election in Canada than Liberals managed to secure. The Liberal party has also requested a recount in Quebec noting that it is important for every single vote to be counted.

As far as why many Canadians might not have turned out this time for the election there are a variety of reasons that have been suggested. One of the most obvious is COVID-19, and for others it might be because they didn’t feel this election was important enough to warrant putting in the time to vote. Not enough was on the line. For those who wanted an easier time with voting there is always mail in voting too and it was expected that more Canadians this time around would be voting through mail in voting.


Not only did Canada see historically low turnout this time for Canadian voters but it also looks like a significant portion of Canadians, according to that recent poll, also aren’t too happy with the results that we got. The recent election that Trudeau had won also came at a great cost as well, hundreds of millions.

Previous polls came in shortly before the election and suggested that about 1 in 8 Canadians were not sure about who they were going to vote for. The disappointment then with 9 out of 10 not being satisfied with results doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering that for some it was clearly a struggle to see a difference between the candidates, at least any meaningful one to sway a decision which ended up leaving many mostly undecided.

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