BC SPCA Offering Half Off For Adoption

The BC SPCA is going to be offering half off for adoption as a part of a current promotion that will be going on until Oct 6. The goal is to help free up space at the SPCA and get some of those furry pets to their forever homes.

BC SPCA does significant work in the province helping animals that are abandoned, hurt, and in need of a loving forever home. The recent wildfires this summer placed even more pressure on those resources with the BC SPCA stepping in at the time to help animals around the province. Now is the best time to look for a cat or dog to adopt, or other pets that might be available.


In their above tweet you can see more details on the current promotion and if you follow the BC SPCA on twitter and other social media platforms then you can also get the chance to see different animals that are up for adoption. Even if you cannot adopt an animal right now there are other ways to help, spreading awareness by sharing the tweet or information about the event can help. Not only that but there are ways to give financially to the BC SCPA as well to help them help the animals around the province that they give care and shelter to.

Simply follow the BC SPCA on their social media channels, like and share their content, view their videos and stories, these are small actions that can help as well.

50% off adoption fees at BC SPCA

If you are looking for a cat or dog to adopt, have been wanting to wait for the perfect time or waiting for the right opportunity etc, this might be it. Right now you can find 50% off adoption fees at the BC SPCA and there are many animals that are in need of a home. On their website under “Adopt” and then “Adoptable animals” you can find a dog, find a cat, or find another pet that might be available.

Adopt Kennel Space at BC SPCA


Aside from the 50% off adoption at BC SPCA right now there are a variety of other ways to get involved and help animals in your community. You can also look for opportunities with the BC SPCA to adopt kennel space for a cat or dog too. Or there is also the option to adopt a play area for the animals that they take in and care for. Cats and dogs, along with other animals in BC, are in need of help around the province and the BC SPCA is one significant organization that plays a critical role in helping those in need animals.

Support The BC SPCA

Check out the BC SPCA website here for adoptable animals during this current 50% off adoption special with the BC SPCA. You can also see their twitter feed for posts on current animals that are up for adoption and looking for their forever homes too.

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