All Sorts of Special Snacks to Find at Mr Munchies

There is a new candy store that is open in Surrey BC and that is called Mr Munchies. This is the place that you want to go when you are craving some interesting, delicious, and truly unique snacks. It’s all in the name, this is truly munchie central.

Mr Munchies in Surrey

Once you walk into Mr Munchies in Surrey you will see that they are selling snacks that are hard to find, some of these snacks you likely haven’t heard of before and you won’t be able to find anywhere else around Vancouver. Mr Munchies is where you should go to fill up on some great snacks either for yourself or for friends and family.

This would make a great idea for candy or food gifts, because who doesn’t like one of a kind specialty snacks that are hard to find? Mr Munchies has you covered for some of the most delicious snacks that you can find in the world.

At Mr Munchies you will find favorites like the popular Hi-Chew, delicious spreads, hard to find cereal, rare milk chocolate drinks, and at Mr Munchies you can even find some sugar free candy as well. Check for the sugar free candy up front as soon as you walk in, there has been some sugar free candy in the display to be found.

There is a lot more than that here at Mr Munchies too, as you can see from the photos.

Mr Munchies Candy Store in Surrey BC
find rap snacks chips at Mr Munchies in Surrey BC
chocolate and candy at Mr Munchies in Surrey

Looking for some Arizona Chips, Anyone?

They’ve got Arizona combo tray chips, with a great selection of Reese’s chocolate bars, creamy spread, and more. browse the Rap Snacks, check out the rare Pop Tarts, or cereal items. This is the perfect munchies spot when you want snack food.

Come to Mr Munchies to find Arizona nacho chip snacks, rap snacks, and other unique and rare candy treats. This is one of the best candy shops to visit and in Surrey is the top place to think about when those cravings hit. Mr Munchies is one of the best candy stores in Surrey when you are looking for unique candy and other snacks.

You can check out their social media to see more of what they offer and follow for updates and more.

Where To Buy Rare Snacks in Surrey

Surrey now has one of the best places to go looking for special candy and rare snacks like Rap Snacks and Arizona nacho combo trays, Dunkaroos and more, and that is the new Mr Munchies store in Surrey, BC. Find Rap Snacks right along with delicious ramen treats, or rare Fruity Pebbles Bars (they smell and taste amazing!). And don’t to check to see if they’ve still got some Duff soda in the cooler, and a lot more.

For anyone looking where to buy rare snacks in Surrey you don’t have to look any further.


Sugar Free Candy Too

Along with those rare candy and other rare snacks to buy here in Surrey at Mr Munchies you can also find alternatives to the popular sugar treats with the sugar free variety that is offered too. There are some snacks here that you will not come across at your usual corner store or grocery store. When you want something a little more fun, memorable, rare, the perfect candy gift etc, check out Mr Munchies and pick up a few things.

Mr Munchies in Surrey Prize Wheel, customers spend $50 and then spin to win.

Spin The Wheel and Win at Mr Munchies

When you spend a certain amount in this rare candy store in Surrey you also get the chance to win even more. On their social media they’ve noted that when you spend $50 or more at this candy store that you get to spin the wheel for a chance to win. Check it out in the Surrey Mr Munchies store to see what prizes are available.

Find some truly delicious chocolate drinks and rare interesting chips, also sweet rare cereal, and everything else here, it makes Mr Munchies one of the best snack shops in Surrey to visit when the munchies hit. How can anyone choose just one thing? The name couldn’t be more fitting and Mr Munchies has got you covered for those hard to find snacks that you cannot live without.

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