3 Great Fall Places to Explore Around Burnaby

Fall is one of the most beautiful times in BC to get outdoors and go exploring. It might be a bit colder but the stunning fall scenery that you get with the trees and mountains is some of the most beautiful in the world. There are gardens to visit, parks, and a variety of interesting places to visit when looking for great places to explore during fall around Burnaby. Here are a few to consider.


3. Fall Walk Around Burnaby Mountain

Burnaby Mountain up near SFU is one of the first places that comes to mind when looking for a great area to explore during fall. This means it is also going to likely be busy for others as well. Why is it so popular? Because it offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the fall.

fall views from Burnaby Mountain

From the top of the mountain you can get those stunning inlet views, and there are a variety of trails to find and explore as well.

Get there early enough and there is also a great deal of parking to find too once you get to the top of the mountain and there are also benches to sit on when you get tired or if you want to have a picnic lunch. This is one of the most beautiful places to explore in Fall in Burnaby because of the garden here, the trees, mountains, and views.

Go at the right time and you just might have the place all to yourself. This is truly a beautiful area in Burnaby to go for a walk in the fall once those leaves start changing. It’s close enough that anyone looking for a good spot for walking or hiking this fall around Vancouver shouldn’t leave Burnaby Mountain off the list of places to visit.

2. Burnaby Lake in The Fall

This is a beautiful space to explore during fall in Burnaby where you will find a great amount of walking space, get to be by the water, maybe even see some wildlife while you are there. This is one of the most popular areas to explore in Burnaby throughout the year and fall is no different.

A Gorgeous Nature Spot Around Vancouver For Fall Walks

When the seasons change and things start to cool down, going for a walk through here at Burnaby Lake is a great way to see the beauty in BC. Burnaby has some great outdoor areas to explore and Burnaby Lake is it at the top of the list. You will often see many others out doing photography or enjoying the trails, there’s parking to find nearby as well, along with public transportation options.

The Burnaby Lake area will make for a stunning fall backdrop and fantastic place to go for a walk or hike during fall.


1. Byrne Creek Ravine Park For Fall Walks

Another spot in Burnaby to enjoy during fall is Byrne Creek Ravine Park. This is a popular area to explore that might not be as busy as the rest of them. This Burnaby park has a stream to find, good trails, lush trees, and a pathway with stairs. This walk loops around a portion of the creek and is one of the more well known parks in Burnaby to explore. For a perfect fall park in Burnaby to go and hike around and take pictures, don’t leave a visit to Burnaby Byrne Creek Ravine Park off the list.

At Byrne Creek Ravine Park you can find some nearby parking, along with some easy trails for hiking or walking when you are looking to get outdoors this fall and see some fall scenery around BC. These are just a few of the places around Vancouver to check out if you are looking to see some great fall scenery and to get outdoors this season. Have a fall walk around the lake, check out one of the many parks around Vancouver, or get great views from the mountaintop and more.

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