3 Fall Activities For Families To Enjoy Around Vancouver

There are a variety of things to do around Vancouver during fall when things start to cool down a bit. Here is a list of a few ideas if you are looking for some fall themed family fun around Vancouver to experience.


3. U-Pick Pumpkin Farms – Pick Your Own Pumpkin

There are u-pick pumpkin farms around Vancouver, like Laity Pumpkin Patch in Maple Ridge, BC. There is more to see than just a pumpkin farm where you can pick out your own pumpkins for this Halloween season as well. There are other sights to see at the pumpkin patch farm too.

This is one of the best places to be this fall, perfect for a memorable walk through the pumpkin patch to pick out your very own pumpkin. And to also get some great photos with the family too.

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2. Apple Picking Around Vancouver

There are a number of farms to find around Vancouver and that includes farms with u-pick pumpkin picking and also farms growing apples where you can go out and pick your own bundle of apples as well.

If you want to do some apple picking around Vancouver this fall then look to farms like Taves Family Farms, or Willow View Farms, both in Abbotsford, BC, for a chance to pick some fresh delicious apples this season.

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1. Hallowed Eves at Playland

This year Playland is hosting a Halloween event again which is the Hallowed Eves event and you can find tickets to this family-friendly fall event in Vancouver this season online. The Playland Halloween event is going to be going through October and so this is the perfect chance for families who want to head out for some spooky fun to do something a little different this season.

There are other festive Halloween themed events to find going on around Vancouver as well, such as the Wizards Den immersive pop up magical experience but this is an age restricted event. Playland is one of the most popular places to visit around Vancouver for Halloween events because of the haunted house events they have had in the past, this year things are going to be a little different however with the Hallowed Eves event this season.

Find Out More About 2021 Hallowed Eves Event at Playland

These are a few of the best ideas for some fall family fun, festive events and activities that are going on around Vancouver this season. Get outside for some apple picking around Vancouver, or take the family out to a u-pick pumpkin farm to get your own pumpkin. Or there is also the option to have an unforgettable night at the Halloween event at Playland. These are surely not to be missed if you want to have a lot of fun this fall season.

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