3 Easy Hiking Trails Vancouver Offers

There are countless hiking trails around British Columbia to explore and right in the Vancouver area this includes many popular hiking trails for easy to experienced hikers. For those who are looking for an easy hiking experience there are a variety of places to enjoy around the city and explore. Here is a list of 3 different easy hiking trails Vancouver offers.


1. Easy Hike Around Stanley Park

Stanley Park is an easy area to hike and explore, it depends on how far you want to venture into and around the park. You could take a couple of hours easily exploring Stanley Park if you are looking for easy hiking trails Vancouver offers. This is one park that you are going to find many different trails and great mountain and beach views, it is one of the most popular areas in Vancouver to explore. See the Burrard Inlet, walk around English Bay, and make your way onto one of the many different trails that you can find if you are looking for an easy hike in Vancouver.

Trails in Stanley Park for an Easy Hike in Vancouver:

Rawlings Trail
Thompson Trail
Meadow Trail
Third Beach Trail
Tunnel Trail
Beaver Lake Trail
Wren Trail
South Creek Trail
North Creek Trail
Hanson Trail
Brockton Point Trail
Mallard Trail
Kinglet Trail


These aren’t the only trails to find when you are looking for an easy hike to do in Vancouver. There are other pathways to find throughout this park in Vancouver as well. Find a map of the park and those different trails here.

2. Hike Around Science World

Another great area to explore around Vancouver is near Science World which is located close to Main St station. Next to Science World in Vancouver is the Creekside Park location and walking along this pathway throughout the Vancouver area you can see some fantastic views of the city. There are drinking fountains to find along the way and plenty of opportunities to catch public transit if you want to get a ride on your way back.

If you are looking for an easy hike or an easy walk in Vancouver then this is one of the most popular areas that people love to explore and hike around for the day. After making your way through Creekside Park, there are a variety of other places nearby to see.


Sights Nearby on Science World Hike

Concord Community Park
Vancouver Boat Tours
Plaza Of Nations
Coopers Park
Quayside Marina

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

This is an area that allows you to walk around the water for some great views, and it will only take about a 20 min walk to get from Science World in Vancouver to the Quayside Marina area. There are many great places to find to eat here as well, and different activities to do like kayaks and boat rentals. This is a great place to hike for beginners because it isn’t difficult, you can go as far as you like at your own pace, and the views are breathtaking of Vancouver in this region.

For more ocean and mountain views on an easy hike around the city, a walk near Science World and around False Creek inlet cannot be ignored.

3. Cypress Falls Park

For a bit more of an outdoor exploration there is a great place for easy hiking in West Vancouver which is Cypress Falls Park. The waterfalls are beautiful and worth the effort in getting there.

Cypress is one of the most popular hiking areas in Vancouver and this is true for both experienced and beginner hikers that are looking to explore the province. Cypress has a lot of different trails to explore and is one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Vancouver.

A Hike in Vancouver With Waterfalls

Cypress Falls is a popular draw and for obvious reason, it is a stunning Vancouver area to go for a refreshing hike and see some natural beauty. For an easy hiking spot in Vancouver this is one to think about visiting, the Cypress Falls Park. There is some parking in the area but depending on the day it might fill up quickly so it is best to get there early if you want to secure a spot.

These are just a few of the spots to consider if you are looking for an easy hike in Vancouver. Whether you want to venture out for 20 minutes, or 2 hours, there are a wide range of beautiful hiking spots in Vancouver to explore and enjoy. Fall is one of the most beautiful times to get out and explore the province as well, with the leaves changing color it makes for some stunning scenery in forests and parks in communities around this region. Don’t miss the chance to take in some of that fall scenery by checking out any of these places above for an easy hike in Vancouver.

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