Upcoming Surrey 2021 Virtual Fusion Festival

The 2021 Virtual Surrey Fusion festival is going to be a part of Culture Days for the next several weeks, from September 24 to October 24, 2021. The Surrey 2021 Fusion Festival is an experience that shares music, food, and culture, and viewers enjoying the festival will also be given the chance to win prizes too.


This is a chance for those who are looking for a fun and new experience, whether it be learning about a new culture, food, or music, to enjoy a fun community event by attending the virtual 2021 Surrey Fusion Festival this year. Expect to find a digital concert series, cultural cooking challenge, and more.

Cultural Cooking Challenge

The cultural cooking challenge is a contest where participants of the Surrey Fusion Festival 2021 can enter by submitting a picture or a video relating to the theme of the week, those themes for the 4 weeks are appetizers, drinks, desserts, and a dish you never made before, for a chance to win one of several gift cards.

Digital Concert Series

As a part of the digital concert series for the Surrey Fusion Festival 2021 there will be several artists to find and experience. This 2021 Surrey Fusion Festival is a chance for those who are interested to learn about the history of different cultures around the world and to see traditional performances, and more.


Not only will there be the cooking fun for the Surrey Fusion Festival 2021 challenge and those concert series featuring different artists, but there will be much more to experience as a part of this community event as well. Hear unique stories, experience new art, different cultures, and get the chance to win some great prizes along the way too.

Those looking to explore the event can also find out more by following the Surrey Fusion Festival on Facebook.

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