Best Places For Plane Spotting in Vancouver

YVR is a busy airport and the frequent planes coming in and out means this is the best area for anyone who wants to get some plane spotting time in. There are a number of places around the airport to do it. Here are a list of the areas to check out if you want to do some plant spotting in Vancouver from the best places.

5 Great Places for Plane Spotting in Vancouver

5. Larry Berg Flight Path Park

4. McArthurGlen Designer Outlet

3. South Terminal Viewing Platform

2. Public Observation Area

1. Terra Nova Rural Park


These are 5 different areas around the airport in Vancouver to check out if you are wanting to do a little plant spotting. Whether coming afternoon or evening there are multiple choices for different vantage points when seeing the planes coming in.

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS on

There are areas all around the airport to get great photos from if you want to do some plane spotting in Vancouver to get a chance to capture a great photo. One of the best places above all listed above is the Terra Nova Rural Park to see some planes flying into the airport but this location is farther away from the runway. You will get a stunning view though from here at this point.

A Perfect Place for Plane Spotting in Vancouver

See the mountains in the backdrop as the planes are flying in, winter season can be one of the most beautiful times to go and do some plane spotting even though it is a bit colder then. Want something a little closer to the airport? There is the public observation area and others to see.


Unobstructed views for plane spotting can be had from the South viewing platform which is at the South Terminal Building. And of course if you want to do something a little different with shopping nearby as you do the plane spotting there is also the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet nearby too.

You don’t have to be packed up and going on vacation to have fun around the airport in Vancouver, there are other things to enjoy and have fun doing including plane spotting in the city and shopping at the great outlet mall area near YVR as well.

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