A Liberal Win in Canada After Recent Election

Trudeau gave his acceptance speech yesterday following the 2021 federal election. This has been one of the fastest elections and a very costly one for taxpayers as well. Overall it is estimated that this election might cost upwards of $600 million.

Biden has already offered congrats for Trudeau on his win following the election as well. They have declared a win but they also missed being able to secure a majority

Overall there seemed to also be a low voter turnout for the federal Canada election too, with about 58.5% voting in the election from the amount of registered voters.


Low Voter Turnout

It was estimated that millions might be voting through mail in vote, as they did in the U.S. election, because of the pandemic. Over 1 million votes are expected to possibly come in through mail-in voting in Canada and that is going to delay the final count as well until all of those are received. Other than the mail in votes coming through in Canada it might be surprising to some that the country saw a relatively low voter turnout this go around.

There were a variety of issues important for Canadians this go around, namely the high cost of living, affordable childcare, education, and more. But there wasn’t a lot of interest with many which is obvious by the lack of turnout to vote in the Canada federal election that took place this week.


Minority Government Win For Liberals 2021

Overwhelmingly we see that Liberals and Conservatives are still in favor throughout the country, with Bloc Québécois behind in seat winnings, along with NDP and Green Party. It’s estimated that the PPC got some 800k votes and secured a little over five per cent of the popular vote according to recent counts from early Tuesday.

Counting Mail In Votes

The counting of those mail in votes for Canadians could still take days to be completed. Some 2-3 million votes overall might have come in for this election and that is going to take some time to sort through. Those millions of mail in votes for Canadians this time around far surpass the mail in votes that they saw years ago back in 2019, where it was estimated that some 50k mail in votes had been received.

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