Today Is The Big Voting Day For Canadians

Today millions of Canadians are going to head out to the polls once again and vote for their leaders on who they want to represent them going forward. This is one of the fastest elections and it is expected that millions will be sending in their votes by mail, it isn’t expected that we will know the winner by tonight because of how many should be sent in through mail.


Polls are already open today and some have already engaged in early voting or sent their votes in through the mail. The election is well underway and it is anyone’s guess who might be the winner of this 2021 election for Canada. Will Trudeau be successful after calling this election? Or might we see something new? There have certainly been many Canadians who have been busy researching the various candidates across the country, even looking into some new parties that seem to be growing in support in different areas around the country.

This federal election is estimated to cost taxpayers over $600 million.

And the cost of living is one of the biggest concerns for Canadians today, heading up to the election this was seen to be one of the biggest voting issues. Despite millions of Canadians struggling just to get by the federal government seemed quick this year to spend hundreds of millions on an election if that is what the final cost is going to be.

Various polls have indicated one leader over the other might have a slight margin of improvement here or there, but many suspect it will be a tight race and split win for this 2021 Canadian election.

The Conservatives have been making gains leading up to the polls and the rivals have been slowly closing in to cause some to wonder who might be the winner from this federal election this year. From housing to affordability and more, Canadians have heard from those leaders online, in debates, on the news, and they’re ready now to go out and vote today.

Canadians Setting Records at Advanced Polls

Millions of Canadians have already been busy voting in early polls, at least 5 million or so through the early voting days that have already passed. The deadline for those who had been looking to get a mail in voting kit has already passed. But there were more than 1 million Canadians who had reportedly requested those kits.

Depending on how many are going to be sending in those mail in votes in Canada and who they’re voting for those later votes that come in could end up going on to decide the election. There are still pandemic related restrictions in place and while that might be a concern for some heading to the polls, they’ve been reassured that all precautions are being taken to keep people safe while they go out and vote.

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