A Sweet Partnership With Pizza Hut And Cinnabon

Pizza Hut and Cinnabon have partnered up with a delicious dessert menu item offering the mini Cinnabon cinnamon buns that you can order on the side with your pizza or wings from participating Pizza Hut locations.


The mini cinnamon buns are crafted by Cinnabon and delivered by Pizza Hut.

With their signature Makara cinnamon and cream cheese frosting it makes these the perfect sweet pairing with a pizza and wing night. There are many fast food restaurants, including pizza places, that carry the sweet cinnamon dessert because it is a popular item.

Pizza Hut is one of the top chains in Canada and at participating locations you can get the chance to order the mini rolls which can also be ordered through delivery apps like Skip the Dishes as well. Are you looking to order some pizza and wondering who has Cinnabons? Well, the answer is clearly Pizza Hut! And they’re delicious, a great deal, well worth trying if you love cinnamon buns.

What comes with the order of Cinnabons from Pizza Hut? You are going to get 10 delicious cinnamon buns that are warm and deliciousness and also topped with that gooey signature cream cheese icing. They make the perfect post pizza snack if you are still looking for a little sweet treat.

Eat them after pizza or warm them up in the morning for breakfast

For those looking for the Cinnabon mini rolls in Canada you will have to check your local Pizza Hut to see if they are participating and have them in stock. Other desserts to check out on the menu aside from the mini cinnamon buns include the Hershey’s cookie and the chocolate brownie too.


Today there are hundreds of pizza locations for Pizza Hut across Canada and the mini Cinnabon cinnamon buns are a delicious addition that you can check out at participating locations to enjoy for a sweet side dish when you want dessert.

The mini cinnamon buns arrive warm and are good enough you might just find yourself quickly eating them all in one sitting, they’re so good that you might want more than just the one Cinnabon Pizza Hut order.

Cinnabon cinnamon buns from pizza hut

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