Truck Drivers in High Demand in Canada

There are some occupations that are in truly high demand right now and these industries are struggling to try and hire enough people to try and keep up with the need they have. Those industries with jobs in high demand in Canada right now include the trucking industry in Canada.

There is a shortage of skilled drivers to fill the open positions, with other market areas like nurses and chefs seeing jobs in high demand too, these are among the most in-need industry positions in the market in Canada today. This might open up opportunities for those who are looking for a new career or those who are looking to apply for jobs in high demand in Canada these days. The truck driver shortage doesn’t look like it is going to get better anytime soon.


Companies have had to try and get creative when looking to recruit new drivers. If you ask young people today what their career plans are it isn’t likely that many of them are going to say truck driving is what they want to get into. For long-haul truck drivers especially it can be difficult to find people who are willing to endure that sort of schedule and lifestyle. Overwhelmingly today young people say they’re looking for careers online.

Desperate For More Skilled Truck Drivers

Around Canada and the U.S. we have been seeing a truck driver shortage in one area or another. As more grocery chains look to deliver groceries and Amazon continues to expand this is one industry that is seeing a growing need for more drivers.

It isn’t only a truck driver shortage in Canada that has been going on and there are a variety of reasons for why the problem has escalated. Pay for those truck drivers has been mentioned on more than one occasion as a reason for why people are staying away from these positions.

Jobs in High Demand in Canada

According to Indeed, the average salary for a truck driver in Canada is around $23 per hour but you will come across many truck driving positions that pay under that wage, as well as some that are paying a lot more than that. Some truck companies have even tried to offer incentives and a bonus opportunity for those who are willing to sign up and take the job.

With the holiday season coming up things might get even worse if there is already a severe truck driver shortage that they are trying to deal with. Companies are working to not only retain the drivers the have now, that might be looking for better conditions and pay, but they’re also struggling to try and attract that new generation of truck drivers too.

Building Up A New Fleet of Drivers

Truck driver jobs are one of the jobs in high demand in Canada right now, among those others mentioned above. For anyone looking for good job opportunities they might be looking at what industries are seeing jobs in high demand in Canada right now and this is certainly one of them.

Those trucking jobs are in high demand in Canada not only in one region either. In the U.S. they are already seeking out foreign labor to try and deal with the shortage of truck drivers that is going on, it continues to keep these jobs in high demand in Canada and other areas right now.

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