Taking a Dive to Remove the Trash

Cleanups of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water around Canada and elsewhere, have been organized in recent years and been able to remove thousands of pounds of trash from the water. Scuba teams in different regions have been filming their efforts and there are a wide variety of videos to find online through social media platforms and places like YouTube where you can watch the activities and see the trash that has been found and removed from different regions.


In Canada there are some here trying to help and do the same. Scuba divers have been working to clean local water areas like lakes and more and they’ve pulled things like crab traps out of the water, shopping carts, tires, bottles, and a lot more.

These scuba diving lake cleanups and other cleanups for oceans and rivers etc, are community efforts that are looking to help better the environment and get rid of the trash that has been overlooked for so long.

One of the organizations doing this in BC is known as Cleaner Lakes and on their social media you can see the different cleanup activities that they have engaged in. Just recently they removed trash from Sasmat Lake including many cans, bottles, and even a gun.

Around BC you can find various beach cleanup groups that have organized one event or another to try and keep the beaches and communities clean, they have found a wide variety of trash in the water including phone cases, scissors, and many old traps.

Scuba Divers Clean Up Around Vancouver

These helpful divers have been cleaning up lakes around BC, and other bodies of water around the world. “Rubbish divers” as they have also been referred to are doing great work around the world to try and clean up the water, improve those ecosystems, and get rid of the garbage. It’s surprising what some of them have been able to find along the way.

They have been busy cleaning all around British Columbia, including on the West Coast around Vancouver, up through the Okanagan, and other areas. There certainly is no shortage of trash in the water to find. Cultus Lake, Brohm Lake, and other areas have already seen some action with divers cleaning up the garbage that they find. They are cleaning these lakes and water areas one dive at a time.

One Dive At A Time

In some circumstances there have been some divers who have allegedly been stopped by police for their activities in trying to clean up the water. However, there are a variety of positive experiences that divers have had in helping the community and doing good by removing the trash without seeing any such incidents take place.

The diving for trash approach is a growing trend that has been seeing more become interested over the years in doing this and getting out to help the community. Around Canada, the United States, and other regions, volunteers are helping to clean those communities and give back by taking the time to remove trash that has gone overlooked for too long.

For those volunteers it is the passion that drives them to commit their time and dedication to this cause. And it is a worthy one to pursue. Some of those scuba teams will be busy for months working on a project to clean a certain area and it is all for the improvement of the community.

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