Where To Go For The Best Brunch in Coquitlam

There is a great cafe that is located in Coquitlam on Schoolhouse St, right by Wendy’s and ABC Country Restaurant, where you can find some of the best brunch options in Coquitlam and that cafe is C Market Coffee.


C Market Coffee has great brunch food and for those looking for a good brunch spot in Coquitlam there are a wide variety of drinks to find on the menu as well. Aside from coffee options you can also find drinks like hot chocolate, house made lemonade, a fruit smoothie, ice strawberry latte, strawberry peach soda, and more.

A Cafe for Brunch With Low Carb Breakfast Meal

At C Market Coffee in Coquitlam for breakfast, brunch, or lunch etc, you can find a fantastic low carb option which is the Monk’s Plate meal they offer on the menu. The Monk’s Plate is keto friendly and offers scrambled eggs, maple bacon, sesame avocado, tomatoes, greens, cheese ball with pecans, and a sriracha mayo dressing.


The sriracha mayo dressing is delicious and goes with everything. You get a good portion of food and it’s easy to order it for delivery too which makes getting a low carb brunch in Coquitlam easy, even for those who aren’t in Coquitlam but who might still be able to access delivery through delivery apps like Skip the Dishes.

C Market Coffee is a top place to go for brunch in Coquitlam. This cafe has good parking outside and it is easy to get too. There is a lot to see and do nearby as well. Go and see a movie after your brunch in Coquitlam date, go shopping at Ikea which isn’t that far away, visit Superstore, or one of the many other stores nearby if you want to do some shopping.

C Market Coffee is one of the best cafes in Coquitlam for brunch because of the quality food, the good location, and the ease of ordering too. Whether you want to dine in for brunch or take it to go, get it delivered, there are multiple options here.

Flambeed Apple Waffle for Brunch

They have delicious french toast and waffle dishes on the menu for brunch. Their flambeed apple waffle comes with whipped maple brandy butter and maple bacon. Sound delicious? Because it is. This is truly a unique waffle brunch experience, this isn’t your regular morning waffle.

Strawberries and shortcake (Straw Shortcake) French toast, avocado benedict, avocado toast, smoked salmon ‘croissanwich’, there is a lot of variety here on the menu. For brunch in Coquitlam you can find great dishes here and some of the best coffee drinks too.

Monk’s plate keto meal from C Market Coffee

Coquitlam has great cafes and plenty of variety when looking for a good brunch spot. This cafe in Coquitlam is perfect for anyone who might be looking for a brunch spot to enjoy. Plan a visit to eat there or maybe take it with you. Grab a slice of cinnamon crumb coffee cake or try a slice of matcha white chocolate cake to go.

C Market Coffee in Coquitlam also has delicious bakery sweets to pair with a hot or iced coffee drink and it’s good whether enjoying that brunch meal through delivery or dine-in experience. The food is good either way.

Good Brunch Spot In Coquitlam

This is one of the best cafes in Coquitlam to visit and they also have great brunch food here too, they offer an easy ordering experience, and it’s a good location. Want good brunch food or just a good cafe in Coquitlam in general? Go here and check it out.

keto meal for brunch

There is a lot of seating here at this cafe in Coquitlam and when you want a good brunch spot this is important. This cafe in Coquitlam is one of the best to order from or come to for breakfast or brunch. They are open throughout the week until 7 PM so you can also come by for those late snacks or dinner as well. Good coffee, food, and seating options, make this cafe one of the best cafes in Coquitlam.

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