Trudeau Calling An Election This Year Might Backfire

It’s reported that the head of Canada’s main opposition, the Conservative party, might have a chance at winning the upcoming election. The Conservative party has been seeing some growing support with certain demographics, and Trudeau doesn’t have that much time left to try and turn things around or salvage his reputation.

Trudeau has been highly criticized for calling this election during a pandemic and soon Canadians are going to head to the polls and vote in that 2021 federal election. Millions are expected to be sending in their votes through mail for this election as well.

Although there are still pandemic related restrictions in place right now in BC and across the country, Canadians are still rallying for the upcoming election and the first political national debate recently took place. The ads are continuing on the television frequently, airing one party message or another and the signs have also started to flood the streets and street corners, lawns as well around Canadian communities.

There are many issues Canadians are concerned with including childcare, housing affordability, the cost of living in Canada, climate change, and more. For some the vaccination mandates are also going to be another issue, though all 3 main parties have reiterated the importance of vaccinations to get us out of the pandemic.


Since Trudeau has called the election he has had to continue defending his move because of the pandemic that health authorities continue warning us about regularly. Would he have called the election if he didn’t see a good chance at winning?

For Canadians this election is a time to have a voice in what is going on with the pandemic right now and how Canada has been dealing with it. Will they be happy with past results they have seen or will we see Canadians vote in 2021 for something new?

Election Day 2021 Sept 20

The first debate for Canadian political leaders might not have been enough to influence any to change their minds yet or make up their minds on who they are going to vote for. But some parties are already seeing growing support, will it be enough for them with the election coming soon? There isn’t much time left but there will be another chance to see political debate leading up to the election on Sept 20 2021.

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