The Not So Secret Spot By Horseshoe Bay in West Van

There is a not so secret spot that people love to visit near Horseshoe Bay that offers impeccable West Vancouver views that give you an interesting vantage point of seeing the BC Ferries come in to the terminal that is located at Horseshoe Bay. This is a beautiful place to visit in the summer and unfortunately gets fairly busy during peak times because of the great views that are offered.


Where can you find the secret spot by Horseshoe Bay? It is located along Horseshoe Bay drive and you can hike there from the village or you can also park along Horseshoe Bay drive to get there as well.

The Horseshoe Bay platform lookout area really isn’t a secret any longer, though it might have been to locals for years, because now it is one of the most popular spots to visit in West Vancouver. The views you get here are stunning and offer some of the best BC views to get in West Van.

Dubbed Vancouver’s secret lookout, this is arguably one of the most beautiful spots in West Van and it gives you gorgeous ocean and mountain views. This is one of the best places in Vancouver to see a sunset, you will get amazing sunset views here from the lookout near the ferries.

Popular Vancouver Lookout Near Horseshoe Bay

There are multiple videos to find online today which share the lookout and what to expect when you go there.

From the map above of Horseshoe Bay Drive you can see that you are going to get an amazing view of the BC Ferries coming into the platform at Horseshoe Bay and that makes this one of the best areas to get photos from and see some amazing Vancouver views. The best sunsets can be seen from this lookout in West Van which makes it among the most popular places to go to.

The Best Vancouver Sunset Views

West Vancouver

There are also some trails to explore in the area as well, restaurants near Horseshoe Bay to stop in at, coffee shops, and some parking to find down by the water too. Stop in and grab a scoop of ice cream, have some coffee with a friend, or some fish and chips by the water. There is a lot to see and do around Horseshoe Bay making it a popular place for locals and visitors.

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