What are the biggest issues for Canadians this election?

Canadian leaders recently engaged in their first political debate leading up to the upcoming election. We got to hear their take on health issues, vaccines, and more.


While there are some who might be looking to answers on the vaccines and health passports to make their decision of who they might want to vote for, overwhelmingly across the country millions of Canadians aren’t as concerned with those issues. For them it is the cost of living, it is education, the cost of childcare, and other important issues that are the most important for them.

Upcoming Canadian Election in Sept 2021

Conservatives have been growing in popularity with male voters in the country, and some recent polls suggest that they have taken a clear lead over the Liberals. Who might win the upcoming Canadian election this year? It might not be a quick landslide win for Trudeau. It is going to be one of the quickest election campaigns with the election in Canada happening this month.

Millions of Canadians are expected to be voting by mail because of the pandemic and it is estimated that some 2 million or more might be sending in those mail in votes for the Canada election this year.

Cost of Living Is Too High for Too Many

The cost of living in Canada is too high for too many and this is one of the most important issues across the country. People have been asking and wondering what Canadian politicians are going to do to fix this. Various proposals have been made.

Those ideas include:

  • banning foreign home ownership for a period of time
  • building more new homes
  • working on a rent to own program for Canadians

These are just some of the ideas that have been floated for what might be done about the cost of living for Canadians. How bad is the cost of living in Canada for some? For some in BC and other parts of the country they are spending more than 50% of their pay on housing alone. This is not sustainable and leaves many living in poverty and harsh conditions because they cannot afford their basic needs.

One bedroom apartments in a city like Vancouver can easily cost upwards of $2,000 and that can be difficult for millions of families to tackle with, or single individuals living alone etc. There is a desperate need for more affordable housing not just in Vancouver and around BC but around the country in places like Toronto and other cities.

Despite the promises that Canadian leaders have made about the cost of living and unaffordable Canadian housing and what they intend to do to try and fix that, these are not going to be immediate solutions to the problem and meanwhile families are struggling now. Due to the high cost of living there are some families that are just one emergency away or one paycheck away from ending up on the street. This is what Canadian politicians should be looking to address, talk about the high cost of living and how many Canadians simply cannot keep up.

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  1. As I believe you know I love Canada, having spent about eight months of my live there both round the Maritimes, and more recently, round Ab. with brief excursions into Sk. and BC. I really must be getting out of touch as I did not even know you had an election coming up but I have been sort of insulating myself from the news since we all got placed under house arrest 18 months ago.

    I’ll need to get back in touch with my “Canuck” friend for an update! Thanks for the heads-up.

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