Have You Tried The New McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets?

McDonald’s has a new item to try on the menu right now at participating Canada restaurants and that is the new spicy McNuggets that they are offering. Find them in the combo or order them by themselves.


Get the Spicy McNuggets Extra Value Meal, the 20 spicy Chicken McNuggets pack, 6 pack, or some other variety. They also have some great sauces to go with the spicy chicken nuggets as well which are the Spicy Buffalo Sauce and the Spicy Habanero Sauce, or they have the usual others like BBQ, Sweet and Sour, Hot Mustard, Honey, and more.

Back By Popular Demand: Spicy McNuggets at McDonald’s

On a scale of how spicy these new spicy McNuggets were at Mcdonald’s I would give them a 4/10, you could taste the kick but there wasn’t so much heat to make it uncomfortable or overwhelming. The nuggets pair great with the Spicy Buffalo Sauce that you can add along with it.

The new spicy McNuggets have caused a lot of attention online recently when McDonald’s announced earlier that they were coming.

For some the spicy nuggets are nothing new and in fact they are coming back again to the menu. But for others who might not have tried them before (like myself) this is the first time to get out to McDonald’s and try a pack of the spicy McNuggets by themselves or in a combo. And you do not want to miss pairing them with the buffalo or habanero sauce either.

Pair With Spicy Buffalo Sauce

For anyone that wants to try the new McDonald’s spicy McNuggets they are going to have to get them while they can, while the supplies lasts and they are offered on the menu. The new spicy nuggets are only for a limited time for Canadians right now and so you have to find them at a participating location to get a taste.


The new spicy nuggets are made with zero artificial flavors, no colours or preservatives and they have also been made using 100% seasoned chicken breast, available for a limited time by themselves or in a combo. Not sure what sauce might go best? Then why not go for the 20 pack and grab all of the sauces so you don’t have to choose.

McDonald’s new spicy nuggets are causing a big stir right now and are still on the menu for a limited time at participating restaurants if you want to try them. The spicy nuggets had been launched first in the United States, as with the new McDonald’s Glazed Pull Apart Donuts that were recently announced as well. This left Canadians wondering when we might get the spicy nuggets on the menu to order. Now, McDonald’s has responded to that popular demand and you have the chance to pick some spicy nuggets up right now.

spicy nuggets from mcdonalds with spicy buffalo sauce

The spicy buffalo and spicy habanero sauce also taste great on the fries too; it’s not just for nuggets. These are sure to be a hit for McDonald’s as they were the first time which is why we are seeing them on the menu now and people have a chance to grab the spicy nuggets again. What will they bring next? Maybe if the new McDonald’s Glazed Pull Apart Donuts do well and see hype then we might have that coming to Canada too down the road.

For now the spicy nuggets are back for McDonald’s in 2021 and yes they are worth the try if you like nuggets and want a little extra spice. The spicy buffalo sauce paired with them makes them even better. These are new sauces at McDonald’s that you can pair with a lot more than just spicy McNuggets.

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