Stanley Park Closing Early Over Coyote Attacks

Stanley Park is going to be closing early, from 7PM to 7AM because of the ongoing coyote attacks that have been reported in the region. There have been several coyote attacks this year on people who had been visiting the park and now the park is going to be closed as a result in an effort to try and prevent attacks.


It’s alleged that part of the problem might stem from people feeding the animals in the park. This is a park that gets many visitors in Vancouver, both locals and tourists alike. It is one of the most popular parks in Vancouver and there are many who explore through Stanley Park for one reason or another.

The coyote attacks in Stanley Park have also reportedly started impacting businesses at Stanley Park too. Now the attacks have been closing down parts of Stanley Park and there is the new restriction from 7PM to 7AM coming in as well. Researchers have been examining what might be contributing to the problem.

Previously, runners had been encouraged to avoid Stanley Park because of the risk of coyote attacks in the region. Signs have also been placed up around the park notifying the public about the dangers as well, with tips on what to do if confronted.

Several coyotes have already been euthanized in Stanley Park over the attacks that have taken place.

What’s causing the coyote attacks in Stanley Park?

There are many encounters in the Metro Vancouver area where people have seen coyotes and not all of those instances are going to turn violent. But a number of them have in Stanley Park and that has prompted increasing warnings about the potential risk.

A number of factors have been suggested, among them are the tendency of coyotes to want to chase things that are running away from them which is why some joggers in Stanley Park might have been targeted. Other suggestions for what might be contributing to the coyote attacks in Stanley Park are that people have been hand-feeding the animals, they are being displaced from their habitat, or that drugs or toxins might be involved.

Because of the uptick in attacks this is why experts on the issue have admitted that those who are hand feeding coyotes are doing them more harm than good by contributing to that loss in natural boundaries.

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