The Sourdough Chicken Club Back at Burger King

Burger King Canada has something new and delicious on their menu to find in BC at participating restaurants and that is the Sourdough Chicken Club sandwich. You can get the Sourdough Chicken Club Meal, Sourdough Spicy Chicken Club Meal, or the sandwich on its own.


The Sourdough Chicken Club sandwich from Burger King comes in the combo for those who want the side options with the drink. Get it regular with the chicken club or spicy chicken version to try.

Options for the New Limited Time Offer Sourdough Chicken Club Sandwich at Burger King:

Sourdough Chicken Club Sandwich
Sourdough Chicken Club Meal
Sourdough Spicy Chicken Club sandwich
Sourdough Spicy Chicken Club Meal

sourdough chicken club from Burger King

What comes on the Sourdough Chicken Club sandwich?

On the Sourdough Chicken Club sandwich from Burger King you are going to get the sourdough bread for the bun, along with chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and bacon. Get the sourdough chicken club with either the regular chicken club patty or go with the spicy chicken club option instead for a little more heat.


New Sourdough Chicken Club at Burger King

The sourdough chicken club is back again at Burger King for a limited time at participating restaurants in Canada so you do not want to miss the chance to try this. If you love sourdough then you are going to want to try this one, get it spicy or get the original chicken club version.

Ordering through third party delivery apps like Skip The Dishes makes trying it even easier. Get it throughout the day or pick up right from the restaurant.

sourdough sandwich from burger king Canada

There are not that many fast food restaurants right now that have any sourdough burger offering on the menu. For a new chicken sandwich the sourdough chicken club from Burger King has come back again for those who enjoyed it the first time around, now is your chance to get it again.

Customize the sandwich and add your own flavors or get it as is. The sourdough chicken club is coming back to Burger King probably because it was such a hit the first time around. There are a lot of great items to try on the menu when you want something quick and affordable, the new popcorn chicken and spicy popcorn chicken are still being offered at participating Burger King restaurants as well.

Try the Sourdough Chicken Club or Spicy Chicken Club

Right now many restaurants are coming out with their own chicken sandwich, crispy chicken sandwiches, in the ongoing chicken sandwich wars and that has meant many competitors are giving the favorite chicken sandwich their own bit of a twist.

It has been a long time since we have seen any major food restaurant like Burger King offer a sourdough chicken sandwich option and so for those who love the sourdough taste this one is for you.

The sourdough chicken club sandwich can be ordered on its own or with the combo to get the drink and sides, you can get a good look of what the bun looks like from the photos above of the sourdough chicken club sandwich. The sourdough chicken sandwich is only going to be here for a limited time on the menu.


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