Mandatory Vaccines Might Be A Big Voting Issue For Canadians

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole has previously suggested that vaccines are critical in that they can help to get Canada out of the pandemic. However, he has also said the issue shouldn’t be used to divide, and that people should be given an alternative who do not wish to be vaccinated.

According to O’Toole the vaccines aren’t a political issue and shouldn’t be made into one. He has said that Canadians don’t want to see this sort of politicization of the pandemic, instead recommending a balanced and reasonable approach that would seek to respect the rights and health decisions of all Canadians.

Right now the vaccination passport is a big issue in Canada as it has been around the world. There are businesses and Canadians who have spoken out against it and now they have the chance to go out and vote to be heard as well in the upcoming election. This is why many Canadians will want to know what the leaders of each party intend to do about the pandemic, among other issues, how they might tackle vaccination passports and other related issues.

Multiple Canadian leaders might agree that vaccines are the safest tool to deal with the pandemic and threat of COVID-19 but they differ slightly in their approach. Some, like O’Toole have suggested a balanced approach and that Canadians have a right to make their own healthcare decisions.

Giving A Choice on Vaccines

The NDP have voiced their support for vaccinations for federal employees suggesting that discipline might be necessary in rare cases to protect health and safety of Canadians for those who refuse.

Liberals- Trudeau has also been very vocal about calling for Canadians to get vaccinated and has promised funding to help Canadian provinces pay for vaccine passports.

Conservatives have also more recently reminded the public about the importance of vaccines and have urged Canadians to get vaccinated. This comes after some mainstream news articles suggested that O’Toole allegedly opposed mandatory vaccination for public servants and travelers and that mandatory vaccination was tyrannical. As soon as the campaign for this election was announced it seemed like Conservatives differed a bit from NDP and Liberals on the vaccine issue but now they appear to have come closer together.


Vaccination rates around Canada have also continued to increase, with BC having more than 70% who have received their first dose, over 68% have gotten 2 doses. Soon the BC vaccine passport is also going to come into effect as well. This means that those in BC who want to go to the casino, movie, restaurant etc, they will need to show proof of their vaccination. The new move has already gotten a great deal of backlash from the public, along with plenty of support, even though it is supposed to only be a temporary measure.

Health authorities in the province have reminded the public that these new upcoming changes will be enforced, just like we have already seen in other regions which have implemented similar measures.


What’s The Biggest Issues for Canadian Voters?

These days it is the cost of living which is among the biggest concerns for many Canadians today, more so than any worries about the pandemic.

Canadians are struggling to pay for rent and to afford all of the basic necessities they need in life, some spending more than 50% of their income on rent alone. That leaves little room for whatever else they might need and has prompted a growing number of Canadians today to give up on the dream of ever owning a home altogether.


BC Won’t Go Forward With Step 4 As Planned

BC has been heading along the reopening plan this year and we made our way into step 3 of the reopening plan for the province but now things are going to be delayed. It looks like now we will not be moving into step 4 of the reopening plans as expected because of the recent move to reintroduce mask mandates again and require vaccination proof for a variety of services.

This comes after just a few weeks ago health officials suggested that we were absolutely on track to cross that stage 4 finish line of the reopening.

Right now Conservatives in Canada are gaining support it seems, reportedly this party might be the one which is the most popular today with male voters in Canada. Trudeau called the election to give a chance for Canadians to have a voice during this pandemic and on the path going forward and for now it isn’t clear what that might look like going forward. The results of the upcoming Canada election for 2021 might be surprising.

Mail In Voting in Canada Election 2021

Millions are expected to mail in votes for that upcoming Canada election and for those who are looking to get that vote in by mail they will want to be aware of the deadlines to get that done. It is anticipated that millions of people will be sending in those mail in votes and that could easily delay the results of the election on election night.

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