Conservatives in Canada Are Gaining Support Heading Up To Election

Just recently it was reported that Justin Trudeau had to cancel an event because of crowds that were gathering which became a security concern on the campaign trail.

His appearance in Ontario was cancelled because of those concerns where it is reported that protesters had been gathering and demonstrating against government restrictions and COVID-19 vaccines, among other possible issues. The election is already underway and soon Canadians will be heading to the polls to vote in September for the Canada federal election.

When Trudeau called the election his political opponents were quick to brand the move as opportunistic and criticized the call for an election at this time during the pandemic. This is going to be a quick election with only several weeks until Canadians will head out and vote. It is anticipated that many Canadians will do mail in voting this election too, though the more Canadians that mail in their votes the more it could potentially delay the final result.


Conservatives Gaining Support in Canada

Conservatives have reportedly been gaining support in Canada recently, especially with male voters. Right now the Conservatives are making gains heading up to the federal Canada 2021 election. According to recent data on the preferences for parties in Canada, it looks like Conservatives are among the most favored party for male voters in the country right now. They continue to make gains heading toward the upcoming Canada election in Sept.

Liberal support seems to be reportedly in decline and there are a variety of reasons why this might be. Canadians are ready to head to the polls and voice their concerns over the many issues they are worried about, from the cost of living to healthcare, education, COVID-19, and more.

Cost of Living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada is one of the biggest issues right now facing millions and they want to know what the parties are going to do about it. Already we have heard about proposals to temporarily ban foreign ownership of Canadian homes from two of the biggest parties and so this could become a real likelihood in the future if found to be a popular approach to dealing with the affordability problem for homes in Canada.

Right now there are millions of Canadians who are struggling to keep a roof over their head, some spending more than 50% of their income on housing alone, and they are waiting to see what their political representatives might have in store to fix that problem. But this is just one of many problems that Canadians are concerned about. COVID-19 and vaccine mandates are going to be another meaningful voting issue for millions as well.

Who will win the Canada 2021 election? Right now it is anyone’s guess. We will have to wait and see how Canadians turn out for the vote and what the final results are after Sept 20 2021. Because of the high amount of mail in votes that they anticipate they will receive for this election in Canada it’s expected that we won’t know the vote results right away until all of those mail-in votes have been processed.

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  1. I don’t believe any conservative party anywhere will have the right motivation for the people rather than the ultra rich people.

    Canada is unfortunate to have its left wing splintered and its right wing in unison


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