BC Health Passport Message Receives Mixed Response

British Columbia has recently announced plans for a vaccination passport where customers would need to provide proof of their vaccination in order to access certain services or activities etc. After announcing the news there was support and backlash over the announcement that this was going to be coming forward.


Not only are many customers unhappy with the idea but so too are businesses in the province as well. And some of them have already allegedly said that they won’t be requiring their customers to provide proof of their vaccination. They say that they don’t want to enforce something that makes people feel as if their privacy is being infringed on.

Supporters of the move however note that it is only temporary and only for certain services and activities, it’s not required for essential services.

Some BC businesses have already posted on their social media pages how they feel about the recent announcement, either for or against.

For one FB group that is dedicated to following BC businesses that are against the ‘Health Pass’, the page is called BC Businesses against Health Pass, it has already gained more than 95,000 members.

Throughout the pandemic we have seen both sorts of actions from BC businesses, saying they will or will not accept vaccinated customers.

One of the most controversial points related to the recent announcement was that there wouldn’t be any exemptions for religion or medical reasons etc, but again this measure has been planned to only be temporary.

Some fear that this might ostracize people, cause more unnecessary hardship for the homeless community, fueling division and discrimination. However, Health officials wouldn’t be moving forward with the plan if they didn’t feel it were necessary to battle the risk of COVID-19 that is still present. Based on some COVID-19 restrictions coming back and those restrictions surrounding vaccination status being introduced, it doesn’t look like BC might be moving into the 4th step of the reopening plan like it was supposed to coming up soon.


Even for those who have legitimate reasons why they cannot be vaccinated they fear the possibility of being treated in a discriminatory manner. For now though the new rules are going to come into effect soon and they are only supposed to be temporary. This means that those who aren’t vaccinated are not going to be able to go to the movies or sit down to have dinner at a restaurant, among other activities, until those restrictions are lifted.

BC had been moving forward with the reopening plans this year with things going well, cases declining and vaccination rates rising, however it looks like we are headed backwards a little bit now. We might not be moving forward into step 4 of the BC reopening plan as expected, this could be delayed, and mask mandates have recently come back along with the new restrictions surrounding the vaccine pass for certain activities and services. It might still be many months yet before we start to return to normal and ease those restrictions without them coming back again.

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