Southern BBQ: It’s All About The Cornbread

There are many reasons to head on over to Patina Brewing Co. Brew House & BBQ and one of them is the cornbread. As you can see from the photo above the cornbread is fluffy, fresh, and comes with flavored whipped butter. They’ve got good drinks, you don’t want to skip trying the pulled pork either, but the cornbread is especially delightful.


Not only are they offering delicious food like tacos, chicken and waffles, cornbread, but they’ve also got fresh baked cookies on the menu. This is one of the best places to stop in after work and grab a drink or have dinner.


Patina Brewing Co is also easy to order because you can access the menu on a delivery app like Skip The Dishes.


Jump the line and order cornbread and tacos right to your home, it makes having Patina Brewing food easy for lunch or dinner. There is parking to be found outside, it’s easy to get to located at 2332 Marpole Ave, Port Coquitlam.

Menu Options at Patina

Pulled pork on the menu, cornbread, fresh baked cookies, and good drinks. The chicken and waffles are delicious, and so are the cookies. The pulled pork is fresh and is full of flavor. Add it onto a salad or just eat it straight.

Patina Brewing has great craft beer and you might not have expected it to deliver this sort of delicious menu with things like cornbread and pulled pork BBQ options but it’s on the menu and it’s easy to order for takeout or delivery.

Are you looking for good cornbread in PoCo? Find that and more good BBQ options here at Patina Brewing. This is the place that is making some of the best Southern BBQ in the lower mainland. The cornbread is fresh and worth coming back for and you will want to get a side of pulled pork to go along with it, maybe some good craft beers to share with friends or family.

This is a great date night spot in Port Coquitlam for BBQ, to have the perfect brunch location for the weekend.

cornbread from Patina Brewing Co

The cornbread and everything delivered was fresh, full of flavor, and worth the wait. You might not expect to find these sorts of good BBQ gems right here in Port Coquitlam but Patina Brewing is serving them up and they pair great with a cold drink on a hot day. Looking for the perfect dinner spot? Try this location out if you love Southern style BBQ.

There are not that many great places around Metro Vancouver when you are looking for that good Southern BBQ complete with delicious cornbread and flavored whipped butter to boot. This place in Port Coquitlam is serving some great BBQ that makes it worth the visit and you’ll find their expansive list of craft beers along with that good BBQ food too.

blackberry honey butter

Good value, good taste, good location, many reasons to visit Patina Brewing for a lunch or dinner date. The perfect brunch spot when you want chicken and waffles, pulled pork tacos, beans, mac and cheese, spinach dip, or candied bacon.


The retro spinach dip is served cold and it is delicious. The dip gets served with warm tortillas and it is delicious, not like your usual spinach dip that you find at many restaurant locations around Vancouver. This Retro Spinach Dip is refreshing and perfect for summer. It pairs great with some warm chips and pulled pork.

You will find Alabama White BBQ sauce, Texas BBQ Sauce, Memphis BBQ Sauce, and other options. Get your collard greens, beans, and all of the favorite Southern BBQ classics right here. The cornbread comes with blackberry honey butter and is the Southern BBQ staple that you do not want to miss trying.

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