One of the Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix Canada

There are a number of great crime documentaries and shows to catch on Netflix Canada for those who are interested in the genre. You will not find any shortage of content options on Netflix that’s for sure. When it comes to crime there are many different options and some high quality crime series to be found.


Real Detective Seasons 1 and 2

Real Detective is one of the best crime documentary series that you can catch on Netflix Canada. This is a high quality crime show that mixes documentary style with re-creations of the events with actors portraying the characters and detectives etc.

This is a quality series that has 2 seasons on Netflix Canada and though it isn’t a new series it is still worth a watch for anyone who have not seen it yet. If you love crime shows and want to see some good crime shows on Netflix and haven’t seen this one yet then give it a go.

The Real Detective on Netflix Canada offers a variety of episodes that cover crime history in a documentary style but it also blends with the recreation of the events. This series is engaging and educational. Get a look back on cases involving serial killings, carjackings, abductions, and more.

If you saw other hit crime shows on Netflix like Night Stalker, Making of a Murderer, or other crime shows, then you a bound to like this Netflix Canada crime series Real Detective as well.

In the trailer above for Real Detective you can get a glimpse of some clips from the series. There are a variety of actors that can be seen in the documentary crime series on Netflix Canada, some that might look very familiar.

Netflix Canada has dozens of different crime shows to watch, with a variety of original content on the platform. The Real Detective series has been out for several years now and there isn’t any confirmation it a season 3 Real Detective is going to be coming to Netflix Canada anytime soon.

For true crime lovers this series has got to be one of the most popular crime shows on Netflix Canada and for good reason. It’s surprising that they haven’t sparked a 3rd season yet for this documentary style crime show that had so much to offer with just the first 2 seasons.

If Real Detectives on Netflix Canada ever gets revamped for a 3rd season I will be there for it. This is one of the best shows on Netflix Canada in the crime genre that you do not want to miss. Each episode on its own is like a mini film that unravels the events of the past with each case that we dive into with the series.

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