COVID-19 Prompts Cancellation of Summerset Festival 2021

The Summerset Music and Festival 2021 has had to be cancelled this year because of the pandemic. This means that the Summerset Festival 2021 that had been planned in Fort Langley and Penticton is not going to be going on as planned any longer.


There are increasing case numbers throughout the Okanagan and this was allegedly part of the reason why they had to cancel the event. For now both the Summerset Music & Arts Festival for Langley and Penticton is cancelled and these events are going to be postponed.

Summerset Festival Postponed until 2022

Those who had tickets to the events are going to receive a refund according to info posted on their website about the cancellation and we will have to wait until next year for the event to come back.

In the meantime there will be some live music to catch in Fort Langley, the Summerset Nights, from Aug 27 to 29th and will feature music, food, drinks, and an all around good time.

Live Music Concerts in Fort Langley

The Summerset Music & Arts Festival was one of the biggest music festivals that had been planned for this summer to take place in Penticton and Fort Langley, but despite BC moving forward with a reopening plan things might be going in the other direction now. Aside from this music event there are others which have been planned around the Lower Mainland as well, that includes some free events to find with live music too.

There is also the Summerset Nights which is going on from Aug 27 to the 29th in Langley and this is another chance to catch some live music and have a good time with food like fried chicken sandwiches, tacos, and good drinks. You can find tickets here to the Summerset music event in Fort Langley.

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