Millions of Votes Expected To Be Mailed In For Upcoming Election

There is an election going on in Canada right now and in Sept millions are going to head to the polls to decide on who they want to vote for. Millions of Canadians might opt to go with mail-in voting and Elections Canada is ready to receive up to 5 million ballots for the federal election.


In 2019 there were tens of thousands of mail-in ballots that had been cast. This year could be a lot different.

The next Canada federal election is on Sept 20 2021.

Canadians will be casting their vote by mail or in person by the millions and there is growing interest it seems for mail-in voting options with the pandemic still being an issue many are concerned about. Aside from heading out on the day to vote there will also be Canadians who vote ahead of time too. For anyone who wants to vote by mailing in they would need to apply online first. Or they could apply at any Elections Canada office before the deadline.

There is a deadline to apply for that voting kit to be able to vote by mail-in for the Canada 2021 election and so it is important to get it done as soon as possible.

Whether Canadians head to the polls in great numbers or more opt for mail-in voting in Canada, they are already getting things ready to be able to process that uptick in mail-in ballots for the election. It is anticipated that there will be some growing demand this year for the mail-in voting for Canadians and they’re getting ready to respond and making sure the system can handle the capacity.

Millions of Mail-in Ballots Ordered

For many Canadians they will opt for mail-in ballots because for them it might be the quicker and safer way to get voting done, but for millions of others they will be out looking for polling stations when the Canada federal election rolls around. As we saw with the most recent election in the U.S. where they too had an increase in mail-in ballots, we should see the same because of COVID-19 in Canada for this election as well.

There are millions of mail in ballots that have been ordered to help meet that increase in demand for Canadians who will be looking to cast their vote this way for this 2021 election. For those who aren’t satisfied with leaving their vote in the mail with the mail-in voting approach then there are other options available to them, polling stations for example, to go in and vote directly so that they do have the choice in option for how to vote.

As far as mail-in voting goes this could also impact the timing of the results depending on how long it takes to process all of those votes that come in too. The more mail-in votes that get received the longer it might take to get those results. It has already been suggested that the majority of Canadian mail-in votes will likely be counted after the election day.

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