VanDusen Garden: Making Cocktails With Garden Grown Botanicals

There are online classes that you can catch at VanDusen Botanical Gardens and one of the upcoming events is a class that teaches you how to make your own cocktails using botanicals you can grown in your garden.


VanDusen hosts a variety of classes and among them you can find teachings on designing bulb gardens, information about plants like elderberry and elderflower, lessons on how to make elderberry gummies, education on soil importance and having healthier gardens and more.

You can find those classes here that you might want to register online for. Learn about houseplant care, how to grow veggies all year round, and this upcoming class on botanical blends.

VanDusen is one of the most beautiful garden spaces to explore in Vancouver, with many things to see and do here. Throughout the year you can explore the garden and see different plants, trees, flowers, and other sights. There is a restaurant to find as well where you can get something to eat or drink.

This is a garden in Vancouver that is popular with locals and tourists, one of the most popular garden spaces to plan a visit to.


How to Create Cocktails Using Botanicals

The upcoming class on Aug 26 teaches how to create cocktails using botanicals and there are many other events online to be found that will be hosted through VanDusen online as well.

If you want to plan a visit to VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver you can also look online to book your tickets and reserve your spot. Aside from the cocktail class that teaches how to make cocktails using botanicals grown in your own garden, there will be many other classes to catch in Sept and throughout the year.

Not only is the VanDusen Botanical Garden a beautiful space to explore but they also offer educational community classes that pass on valuable information about how people can make the most out of their garden spaces. Looking for something fun and new to do? then you might want to check out the classes that VanDusen Botanical Garden is offering online.

At VanDusen you can find events like public art being showcased, lectures, different family adventures with plenty to see at the garden space, there are also these educational and entertaining courses that are offered as well. Not only is this one of the most beautiful garden spaces in Vancouver to explore but they offer a lot more than that to the community as well. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy one of their educational courses and learn more about gardens, how to spot alien invaders, watercolor activities, and more.


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