When will the U.S. open the border?

Just recently the U.S. announced that they were going to bring another extension on the border restrictions and push that border closure through several more weeks. This is adding to the frustration of people who have waited more than one year to see their families or go on a vacation etc.


Canada has reopened for fully vaccinated Americans recently and it leaves many wondering when we might see the same coming from the U.S. When will they open the U.S. border for non-essential travel to those who are fully vaccinated? The Canadian border reopening is going to bring a great deal of business to venues around the U.S. and some towns have been suffering greatly without it.

Waiting For Canada-U.S. Border Reopening

We have already heard that cruise ships are going to be coming back earlier than expected, they weren’t anticipated to resume until next year. But with the U.S. resuming their cruise industry and floating the idea to bypass Canadian ports we saw things change and now those cruise ships will resume later this year.

Canada reopened the border to fully vaccinated Americans, and some others, for non-essential travel, and more loosening of those restrictions was expected to come later this year. That is if things continued to go well. Along with that BC is also underway with its own reopening plans that meant removing mask mandates and allowing for more travel etc, but now more recently those BC mask mandates are coming back. Those in BC will again be wearing their masks in public spaces and soon be required to show proof of vaccination to go to concerts, movies, restaurants, and other spaces.


These measures in BC and around Canada are meant to be temporary and we have been given temporary dates that those rules and restrictions might be lifted by, but things can always change.

Political representatives in the U.S. have criticized the U.S. administration for going with the decision to continue to keep the Canadian border closed, along with other travel restricted etc, until late September this year. Is the pandemic almost over? Or are we closer to the beginning of the pandemic than we are to the end? With the restrictions coming back for masks it signals that we aren’t through it yet and things can change despite the optimism for reopening plans.

Some lawmakers in the U.S. have been pleading to reopen the border and ease those travel restrictions more, but for now things have been extended for land borders and there is no certainty that they won’t be extended after that either. For those families and friends who have been waiting for more than 1 year now they will have to keep waiting. For those businesses that rely on the traffic they are going to have to keep hoping that they make it until things return to normal.

BC was well underway with the reopening plans but things are changing now with mask mandates coming back and it isn’t clear if more changes might come too, and push us back from the progress that has been made as far as reopening this year.

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  1. As an American, I am mystified at our continued border closure with Canada. Honestly our rules regarding travel in this world of COVID make little if any sense. Why we cannot just open the border for fully vaccinated is a huge mystery. Wish we could help. Thanks as always for your informative posts.

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