Family Fun at Vancouver Aquarium: Marine Mammal Rescue Exhibit

There is a new Marine Mammal Rescue Exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver to find these days that is a great family fun experience for tourists and locals. As a part of this exhibit at the aquarium in Vancouver it gives a chance to see rescued seals and sea lions in the Marine Mammal Rescue Exhibit that are at the aquarium and you can learn about their stories and how they were rescued.


The Vancouver Aquarium plays a significant role in contributing to the welfare of animals on the West Coast, engaging in marine mammal rescue for decades now.

Visit rescued seals and sea lions at the aquarium

The aquarium is a chance to learn, see new things, and have some good family fun in Vancouver.

The exhibit is also going to feature a look into the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre which is one of the largest of its kind in the world. Those at the aquarium who work behind the scenes are dedicating their time and skills to helping rescue distressed marine animals and then offering them a safe place until they can be released back to local waters, unless they are unable.

Those marine animals that get rescued who are unable to be released can end up as ambassadors at the aquarium at some point. This will give visitors a chance to see something new, learn about new animals and these rescue efforts, and help to support this critical resource in Vancouver for marine animals.


Find Tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium

The aquarium offers the chance to book timed tickets online if you want to pay a visit to the venue and see one of the many different animals that are staying there.

The Vancouver Aquarium is popular with tourists and visitors, offering a great variety to see and enjoy. This is one of Canada’s largest aquariums and is a perfect place to visit while on vacation or looking for something fun to do during summer in Vancouver.

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Vancouver Aquarium Reopens in Vancouver

Just recently the Vancouver Aquarium reopened again successfully and now is the perfect time to book a ticket to the venue to go out and show support for the great things that this organization is doing in the region.

Aside from the marine mammal experience at the Vancouver Aquarium there will also be a 4D octopus-themed experience movie as well and more for the family to see and do. This is the place for any animal lover to come and enjoy, and the perfect place to learn or see something new as well, with a wide variety of amazing animals to discover.

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