The Search Still Going For Who Killed Trina Hunt

The search for justice for Trina Hunt continues as we still do not have answers as to how she died or who might be responsible for her death.


Trina Hunt was first reported missing more than 6 months ago. And just recently family and friends gathered around the beginning of August to celebrate her life and they are still looking for answers. Police are also reportedly still investigating the incident to find out who is responsible for this woman’s murder.

Trina Hunt’s family and the community have displayed tremendous support and they have been urging anyone who knows anything to come forward. The family also introduced a $50,000 reward as well for information that might help them lead to any arrest in the case or charges etc, but still we don’t have any more information.

What happened to Trina Hunt?

Trina Hunt was allegedly reported missing to the police on Jan 18th by her husband. It’s also reported that he was the last one to see her he said he saw her that morning. Two months after it was when her remains were found up near Hope, BC. It’s also believed that the couple had allegedly been up in Hope the weekend of Jan 15 and were reportedly visiting a campground.

The disappearance has been difficult to deal with and it has hit the community hard as well. There are many who are searching for answers and pushing for the spotlight to remain, for the story to continue to be shared. What if someone knows something that might help authorities to solve the case?

Previously we saw that police allegedly executed search warrants at the Hunt’s home and at another home in Mission, but so far there are not any arrests that have been made in the case of the murder of Trina Hunt. It still remains an unsolved murder in BC.

A poster campaign for Trina Hunt’s case has previously been launched, vigils have been held, a reward set for any information that might help, and there are many who are working to keep the memory of Trina Hunt alive and are still waiting for justice in this case. It’s alleged that the investigators are exploring each and all possible avenues as a part of this investigation to find out who killed Trina Hunt, a case that is one of their top priorities this year.

Those closest to Trina are hoping that if anyone has information that they make a move to end the suffering and turn themselves in or report that information to authorities to possibly help solve the case. The search for justice for Trina Hunt isn’t over yet.

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