Canada 2021 Election Already Underway

The snap election has been called in Canada just recently. This means that this year Canada will head to another general election and it is coming up soon. The upcoming 2021 Canadian election is scheduled for Sept 20 2021.


Despite the pandemic and variant spreading Canadians will have to head to the polls to have their say. Why is an election being held now? That is the question that many Canadians have.

Some political opponents of Trudeau and the Liberals have called the move to have a 2021 Canada election as a selfish and wreckless move, one that is also possibly opportunistic, according to some.

Canada 2021 Election Underway

Just recently the Progressive Conservatives delivered a surprising win in Nova Scotia and the election is already underway with campaign promises being repeated and campaign offices starting to get into operations mode.

There are many promises already being talked about, some of the big discussions are surrounding the cost of child care, climate change, and one of the biggest issues facing Canadians today is the cost of living.

Will Trudeau and the Liberals take a strong majority and win? Or will there be a surprise from one of of the other political challengers? Already we have seen the Progressive Conservatives bring that surprise in in Nova Scotia, will there be more? As for why Canada is having this election, Trudeau has suggested that Canadians need a voice forward through the remainder of the pandemic.


Canada Election Voting Day Sept 20 2021

This year, not that far off from now, Canadians are going to be able to have their say and express their feelings. Are they satisfied with how the government so far has navigated the country through the pandemic?

Will Trudeau win the upcoming election? We will find out more once Canadians head out to the polls and make their feelings known with those votes in Sept 2021 in the next general Canada election.

For the 2021 Canada election the mail-in voting is of course expected to increase drastically because of pandemic concerns. Canadians are now going to be looking to turn their votes into their mailbox to have them counted in this 2021 Canada general election.

Mail In Voting Canada 2021 How To


The beginning of the process for that mail-in voting in the Canada 2021 election is registering on the Elections.ca website to be able to vote by mail.

This can also be done at the Elections Canada office and there is a deadline for getting the ballot kit so that you can mail your vote in to be counted in the Canada election this year. Those Canadians who are interested in voting this way are urged to look into beginning of that process as soon as possible.

It is currently estimated that there are between 2-3 million mail-in voters for the upcoming Sept 20 2021 Canada election. And depending on the amount of mail-in votes that are received it could potentially delay the process of finding out the results.

It is expected that the majority of mail-in votes in Canada are going to be counted after election day.

For more details on how to go through that process of doing the Canada vote in mailing then check out this article by CBC here with more.

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