Several Attacks in Recent Days from Coyotes in Stanley Park

Several coyote attacks have taken place in Stanley Park over just the last few days and it has many wondering what can be done or when something might be done to try and make the situation better.


Signs can be seen that display warnings about coyotes that have been seen in the park. They’ve attacked seniors, children, and the signs suggest that if you do see a coyote in Stanley Park they you shouldn’t run but stop and face it, wave your arms and make noise.

Even some lawyers/animal activists have reportedly suggested that they are surprised no one has sued over the coyote incident with these attacks in Stanley Park.

Stanley Park is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Vancouver for tourists and locals to come. This expansive park region right by the ocean offers stunning views, plenty of opportunity for hiking and sightseeing, but for some it has meant being unexpectedly attacked by coyotes.

Just recently a story came out about a 5 year old boy attacked in Stanley Park by a coyote and as well a senior just became the latest victim of another coyote attack in Stanley Park as well.

While having fun with the family, walking, or having a picnic, the coyotes have been a risk for those who are passing through the area in Stanley Park; several victims in Vancouver have endured coyote attacks.

Exhibiting Abnormal Behavior?

Some animal experts suggest that coyotes in the region are displaying abnormal behavior. And there have been warnings to the public to stay out of Stanley Park because of the risk for attacks from coyotes and attacks that have happened. One coyote expert from Alberta has suggested that there might be several issues contributing to the problem here.


Food Conditioning
One of those problems might be coyotes being hand fed or food conditioned, noting that there is chronic feeding that goes on around Stanley Park. Displacement for coyotes from their normal areas is also happening.

The coyotes are being pushed into fringe areas possibly and this could be contributing to the attacks taking place.
Drugs or Toxins etc

Drugs or Toxins etc
Some of the behavior from the coyotes could also suggest that the animals are intoxicated, they might have ingested drugs, toxins, or opioids.

For now the public are being urged to stay out of Stanley Park which is used to seeing plenty of traffic in the summer months being as this is one of the most popular tourist and local destinations in the city.

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  1. In South Florida where I live, when animals become a nuisance, officials can hold hunter competitions to extinguish the number of species alive. Parks will never limit visitors for such a reason.


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