Surprise Win After Progressive Conservatives Take Nova Scotia

An early election in Canada has recently been called and is expected to take place on Sept 20 of this year. Canadians will head to the polls despite the reopening still being underway and the people will decide the fate of their country again by voting once more.


Will this be an easy re-election for Trudeau and the Liberals? They might be in for a surprise. Already we see that the Progressive Conservatives delivered a surprising win in Nova Scotia by securing a majority there in the recent election.

The Progressive Conservatives are going to be forming a majority government in Nova Scotia, Canada, and some suspect that we might see similar upsets to come.

Canadian Federal Election Sept 20 2021

The majority of Canadians seem to not want an election at this time, there are still travel restrictions in place at the border and the provinces are each moving forward with their own reopening plans that they’ve got for making their way through the pandemic.

With vaccine passports being announced for provinces like Montreal, and the possibility of similar vaccine health passports for international travel being considered to come in the near future as well, it is a confusing time to be holding an election. There is a lot going on around the country and many problems facing Canadians today.

Trudeau has suggested that now is the time that Canadians are looking for that guidance through the next stage and this election can possibly offer them that by providing a voice forward. But there might be many Canadians who aren’t happy with what they’ve seen over the last year.

This upcoming Canada federal 2021 election is a chance for them to head to the polls and vote in the early 2021 election to express their satisfaction or discontent over the state of things, now that the early vote has been called for this year.


Canadians Head to the Polls in 2021 For Federal Election

Some of the top issues for Canadians today are climate change, affordable housing, healthcare, and education. This is going to be a short election campaign for Trudeau with Canadians voting in Sept this year in the federal election.

Will small businesses be happy with how the government navigated the country through COVID-19? Will those who voted for Trudeau last time be satisfied with the promises that were made? Are Canadians ready for a change? We will have to wait and see.

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  1. I sincerely hope your election cycles do not become farcical circuses that our American ones have become where it’s style or substance for the most part.


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