McDonald’s Glazed Pull Apart Donuts Coming This Fall

McDonald’s is coming out with another menu item and that is going to be the Glazed Pull Apart Donuts that will be brought to the breakfast menu for the chain. This isn’t going to be in Canada to start with though, it is being added to the McDonald’s USA menus at participating restaurants for breakfast.


McDondla’s is looking to build up their McCafé Bakery with more options and the glazed pull apart donuts are sure to bring in millions to try them. Already they’ve got an expansive breakfast menu with everything from muffins to donuts, iced coffee, and more.

New McDonald’s Pull Apart Glazed Donuts for Fall

The new Pull Apart Glazed Donuts from McDonald’s are going to be released this fall. It will only be available for a limited time but if things go well then perhaps we might see it make its way to becoming a more permanent fixture on the menu.

The launch of the new Pull Apart Glazed McDonald’s Donuts are going to take place in a little more than a week from now. Although it is a breakfast menu addition you will be able to get the pull apart donuts all day long.

September 1 for a limited time at McDonald’s

The new pull apart donuts might only be coming to the U.S. for now but we might see something similar come to the Canada menu in the future. However, not every item that launches in international McDonald’s markets always makes its way to others of course, there are many food items over the years for the company that have been isolated and unique to specific areas.

For anyone traveling down now that the border has opened you will have the chance to try them out first once they launch at the beginning of Sept in the U.S. market for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has had a number of limited edition items and now the glazed pull apart donuts are going to be adding that list of others that have been tested out in the past. We can expect the wave of pumpkin spice everything to also be coming soon.

The new fall menu item for McDonald’s is supposed to be the perfect sweet treat for a fall breakfast but you can also order it all day long from the menu, have it for a late night snack just the same. Eat it either all as one or pick off the pieces to enjoy individual glazed donuts.

Breakfast At McDonalds’s

Though we might not see this specific item come to the Canadian McDonald’s menu we could easily see something just as delicious come up this way. Already on the menu for breakfast at McDonald’s you can find donuts from the bakery items, muffins, cookies, and many other goodies.

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