Early Election in Canada Called by Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just recently announced what has been anticipated for some time now which is that an early election is going to take place in Canada.


Is it going to work to Trudeau’s favor and secure him another win? Some suspect that it might not go as he suspects and we could be in for a surprise win. This has been a widely anticipated move to call the early election in Canada and it signals the confidence of Trudeau and the Liberals that they think they might be able to win again.

When is the new election in Canada?

The newly announced early election in Canada has been scheduled for Sept 20 2021. This election comes less than 2 years after the previous Canadian election vote.

Trudeau has suggested that this move is necessary to secure a voice on the path forward to get through the rest of the pandemic and recovery. Opposition political parties have already criticized the Liberals for the move and many Canadians don’t want an election.

Almost two-thirds of Canadians don’t agree with a federal election right now.

The campaign is going to get underway regardless and the date has been set now that the new Canada election has been announced by Trudeau.


Canadians Upcoming Sept Election 2021

With provinces around Canada underway with one reopening plan or another it is now the case that Canadians will head to the voting polls this year on Sept 20 2021.

Some experts cautioned that a Canadian election should be avoided because of concerns related to the pandemic but it is going to take place regardless of those worries now that it has been officially announced.

Will Canadians be satisfied with the direction they’ve seen the government take throughout the pandemic? Or will they express some discontent and vote another way? We will need to wait to find out those answers.

Despite a number of Canadians disagreeing with having an election right now that is exactly what the Trudeau government has planned to do later this year on Sept 20.


Voting By Mail-In In Canada This Year

Health officials have suggested that voting in a safer manner is possible despite concerns about the campaign or voting boosting the wave etc. Right now Canada is over 60% fully vaccinated. For the Canadian election it is expected that as many as 5 million Canadians might vote by mail in election this year.

As per the recent announcement for a formal election in Canada, Trudeau stated that it was a time for Canadians to come out and weigh in on what’s going on but he might not be happy with what Canadians have to say about it.

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