Cleaned Out: Where can you find PS5 in Canada?

It has been hard this year to purchase the PS5 for many even though in recent weeks it has gotten a bit easier. However, in Canada there has been a PS5 shortage. This has also meant increasing demand for older consoles as well such as second hand PS4s in Canada.


There are millions of people who have already purchased a PS5 but many are still struggling to get their hands on one during the shortage. This means some are wondering when the PS5 restock Canada might have coming is going to show up so that there are enough to go around. Is there a ps5 restock Canada might see coming soon? When is it coming? That’s the question.

Restocking Canada PS5

It isn’t impossible to try and find a PS5 right now but it might be very expensive and there is the risk of scams going around right now for PS5 units as well. People have been selling PS5 units on Twitter and other platforms that have turned out to be just scams. Some of the ps5 units being sold online right now are running between $800-$900 or more.

Tracking PS5 restocks on social media

There is also a PS5 restock Twitter tracker to find out more information about when and where they are being restocked.

The resale price now of older units has increased because of the hot demand for not only the PS5 right now but the PS4 too. You can find these items listed now for hundreds of dollars. So when is the ps5 Canada restock? Stores like Walmart, Target, and others have been busy trying to restock the PS5 to keep up with the demand in the U.S. and here too in Canada stores have been sold out of the ps5.

Right now production for the ps5 is being ramped up to try and get the units to meet the demand in the market. As for where people have been able to find ps5 with the most success, one of those areas to look is with PlayStation Direct as this has been one of the locations to get one with the most frequent PS5 restocks available.

PS5 Causing Quite a Commotion

Finding PS5 Restock in Canada

Just like other stores had seen for the ps5 selling out due to high demand and low supply, Best Buy in Canada saw the same thing for the ps5 and they were sold out as well. This meant waiting for a ps5 Canada restock to come to those stores that quickly ran out.

Some have suggested that we might not see the ps5 supply normalize for years, as the global chip shortage is contributing to the issue here. For that global chip shortage it isn’t clear when things might normalize and in the meantime that means people are left looking for a ps5 to buy and looking to find out when a ps5 restock might be coming.

For those who are looking to secure a ps5 there are many locations to go looking for one and it might not be that long before stores like Best Buy and others are able to secure another supply of PS5 consoles from those PS5 restocks. It’s just a matter of time before things return more to normal for the supply and demand in the market.

Coming Soon to Best Buy

On the Best Buy website it notes that the ps5 restock for Canada is coming soon so you will want to keep checking back there to see when they are going to have more inventory available. Another Canadian location to check in with though they are temporarily out of stock of the ps5 is GameStop. However, at GameStop they do have ps5 gear available.

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