Canadians Can Soon Place Bets on Single-Game Sports

Single game sports betting is reportedly going to start in Canada as of Aug 27 which means that Canadians are going to get the chance to be able to place their bets on single sporting events that are taking place. This could mean Canadians of age being able to place bets in a wide range of sports, from the Stanley Cup to other popular events.


Bill C-218

It is because of Bill C-218 that the changes are going to be made possible in Canada for sports betting rules. This means making it approved for Canadians to bet on individual games in a new regulated environment.

With the new changes for Canadians and single sport betting this could mean millions, or even billions of dollars, could get placed on bets from one sports event to another. Traditionally it had been multiple events that Canadians would place bets on. Already, organizations like the NHL and CFL, and others, have supported the change.

Previously the NHL opposed such changes for Canadians to bet on single events for sports but they acknowledge that changes have been made and note that with a well regulated environment for such activities that they think it could be conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

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There are some thoughts that perhaps these changes could bring a needed boost for fan interest surrounding sports in Canada. Leagues are increasingly embracing sports betting and this is seen as an adaption to those changes, a response to that evolving landscape.

The bill C-218 had previously been passed by the senate and now we have a date on when those changes are finally going to be implemented. Several provinces will reportedly be ready to go as of Aug 27 2021 for these changes.

For British Columbia and the changes to betting on single sports event coming it is expected that the changes will be seen on at that date. Other provinces are busy getting ready and making changes to offer this through their lotteries as well and we could also see opportunity rollout with land based outlets too.

Most popular sports for Canadians

The most popular sports league and events in Canada has been the NHL, but the Winter Olympics are also highly favorited, along with the NFL, MLB, PGA, NBA, FIFA World Cup, and other leagues and events. There might be many sports and events that get watched but it’s clear that Canadians have a soft spot for the NHL and hockey.

8 in 10 Canadians watch hockey every week

It’s believed that Canadians might spend as much as $14 billion annually on offshore betting websites and now it is anticipated that this money is instead going to be going toward single sports betting in Canada instead, with the changes coming from Bill C-218. Now the number of companies who might be looking to cash in on those changes is also reportedly growing as well.

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