Opening Soon: PNE Fair Fundamentals This Summer

The PNE is going to be opening soon this year for the 2021 season and that means it is time to make plans to pay a visit to one of the most highly anticipated summer events.


Earlier this year it wasn’t clear if the PNE was going to go on as usual because of the pandemic and BC reopening plans, but eventually it was announced that the PNE 2021 season will go on and welcome guests back for games and family fun.

What can you expect at the PNE fair this year in Vancouver? Games, nightly pyro shows, rides, and more.

Location of PNE Fair Fundamentals Vancouver 2021

Get mini donuts, see the Super Dogs, catch the Lumberjacks, there will be farm animals, live entertainment, a marketplace, along with the classic PNE rides and different games.

The PNE fair 2021 season will have limited tickets available so you don’t want to wait if you are looking to visit the PNE in Vancouver this summer.

Super Dogs Show at the PNE

The SuperDogs have been performing for years at the PNE. This is a great show to see that is perfect for the whole family. Kids, teens, people of all ages can have fun at the PNE. There is something for the whole family to enjoy. It might be going for the thrill rides, the good food, or the unique entertainment.

There are plenty of things to see and do at the PNE in Vancouver which is why it draws so many families each year to have fun at the fair.

The SuperDogs show involves dogs doing different tricks and performing for the audience. The Super Dogs PNE show is free with admission usually and there are a variety of dogs that are a part of the show which families watching get to see and enjoy.

Get tickets here to the 2021 PNE Fair in Vancouver: Fair Fundamentals


For the entrance into the park you will need a PNE Fair Admission ticket to the event in Vancouver (the Fair Gate Passes do not include rides or parking).

Tickets to the PNE can be found online here to the 111th annual Fair that will be hosted in Vancouver. Catch the Super Dogs show or The West Coast Lumberjack Show, play some games while you are there and then catch a few rides. If you want to do it all you will need to be sure you have both the admission pass and the ride pass.

Fair Fun Pass (Limited Rides) vs Fair Thrill Rides (48″+)

The PNE fun pass is going to be able to provide all-day access to the kids & family for rides. The Thrill Seeker Pass does the same but it also provides all-day access to rides including the thrill rides (must be at least 48” tall).

There aren’t going to be any in and out privileges after you get into the park for the event at the PNE Fair this season and you will need to book the tickets in advance. But the visit is well worth it. There is so much to see and do that you will easily be able to fill up your day with activities and fun for the family.


Nightly Pyro Show at the PNE

If you are staying at the PNE at night then you will also be able to see the nightly pyro musical finale – Electric Fire. Because there is that limited capacity and the reduced number of tickets it is important to get those tickets together if you want to see more than just the shows or get some food.

For anyone who wants the access to go on PNE rides as well while enjoying the 2021 PNE Fair Fundamentals event then more than just the general admission ticket is going to be needed.


August 21 – September 6, 2021

The PNE Fair has been running in Vancouver for decades, along with Playland, and throughout the year we get to see different events take place here. The PNE Fair is one of the best places for families to go during the summer who are looking to get out and have some fun together. It will be a day to remember that’s for sure because there are so many new things to see and do, along with the old favorites to enjoy as well.

Tickets can already be found online now if you are interested in booking your visit to this Vancouver summer event with the PNE Fair Fundamentals for the 111th annual Fair.

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