Frozen Mango Products Recalled in Canada Over Hepatitis A Concerns

A recall has been issued for not just one brand of frozen mango products in Canada but several of them. Why? Because of issues relating to concerns that they might be contaminated with Hepatitis A.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued the recall at the end of July and this means that those mango products might have been sold around the country. Some of the contaminated mango products that have been recalled over Hepatitis A concerns might have made their way onto shelves in BC and been purchased by Canadians in this province.

It’s reported by the Toronto Sun and others that an outbreak of Hepatitis A has been linked to the contaminated mango in Nova Scotia and Quebec.

There are a variety of well known grocery chains that have been included in the recall. Buying the mangoes from the stores directly isn’t the only risk. For those who might not have purchased the mangoes directly from the store as well it is also possible that they could have been consumed by going to a restaurant or cafe etc that purchased and used the contaminated mangoes.

Frozen Mango Brands Being Recalled

Nature’s Touch
President’s Choice

The recalled mango products in Canada are supposed to be returned to where they were purchased or thrown out according to the CFIA. Health authorities in Canada are also investigating the frozen mango contamination to find out what went wrong.

Several frozen mango products have already been pulled in grocery stores in Canada.

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Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

There are reports of Hepatitis A that are being collected in relation to the investigation surrounding the contaminated mango products in Canada that many Canadians might have purchased. Leftover products as well have also reportedly been collected from those mango food items to be tested too.

This isn’t the first time that frozen fruits have tested positive for hepatitis A and recalls had to be issued. Other grocery stores around the U.S. for example have also faced similar situations. Just recently in Canada there had been a recall for Frank’s hot sauce as well over similar quality concerns for the products for a possible salmonella contamination.

So far it is reported for the mango recall in Canada that the products in question had been sold in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia but it isn’t clear if they might have also made their way to the West Coast. This means those potentially contaminated mango frozen foods could have also been sold in other provinces and territories as well.

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