Vegetables To Grow For Year-Round Harvest

It is possible to grow vegetables year-round, depending on what you want to grow and where you are located. This is one of the common questions that gets asked today for gardening and growing food at home is if you can grow vegetables year round? The answer is yes because vegetables can be grown indoors all year. This makes things a lot easier.


With the right conditions there are a variety of vegetables that can be grown indoors. Using a greenhouse to grow vegetables is a great way to grow vegetables all year round. There are also growing techniques that enable people to grow inside and with limited space too like hydroponics, aquaponics, and vertical farming methods, among other techniques.

You can try to extend the growing season by giving crops some protection from the weather, using covers and other techniques. Underground greenhouses have also been popular in the past and been used more recently as well for those looking for alternative growing methods.

Growing Vegetables All Year Round

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Tomatoes are one that can be started inside and the tomatoes can be started right from seeds toward the end of summer. This isn’t the only time that you can choose to start though but might be optimal for some. Planting some tomatoes will give you a fresh supply for years to come if you take care of the plant right. They will not do well in cold temperatures so you will want to grow them in a greenhouse or move them for indoor growing.

Green Onions

Green onions can be grown right from scraps. Once you are finished cutting and using some green onions all you need to do is place the bottoms in a little portion of water and within days you will see them start growing from the old green onions that you thought were just garbage.


Celery is a great vegetable to start growing as well from its scraps. Do the same thing and place the celery in a bit of water and within days with the right sunlight you will see it start growing again. Even if you are not good at growing or don’t anything about farming, it is not hard to start growing things like celery and green onions from scraps.

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Kale has been considered as a super crop to plant when living somewhere with cold weather (like Canada) so it might be one of the easier ones to go with. Growing kale can provide a fresh source for juicing and making other recipes. It doesn’t take much effort to get it to thrive and get a lot of food from not much effort and space.


Cauliflower is considered to be another crop that is good to grow in cooler weather and can grow later into the year. Cauliflower might also be a great option for growing in certain regions of Canada too. To grow cauliflower you can start planting your seeds toward the end of spring. There are many ways to enjoy the cauliflower to so that you have it year round including freezing and pickling the vegetables that you grow.


Popular vegetables to grow for year round growing include radishes, onions, celery, cauliflower, carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, kale, and other foods. You can harvest kale, spinach, leeks, and beets, throughout the winter, along with other vegetables.

Storing vegetables that you grow at home away for a later time can help with making it between harvest periods. Sow vegetables that can help to provide nutrients and a food supply when the current season might not be ready yet, this can be planting vegetables like broccoli or cabbage in late summer for example so that those vegetable crops can stand over winter and provide something when you need it.

Growing Vegetables In Your Garden At Home

What you can grow is going to depend on where you can grow. And where you can grow is also going to impact how much you can grow. But no matter what you are growing there are ways to make it stretch further and to make the most out of the harvest. From canning to pickling, drying foods, making compost etc, nothing needs to go to waste.

Some crops might need more room to grow properly and so this will impact what you grow as well. Regardless of your budget though there are ideas available for growing on a budget. It is possible to grow vegetables at home for cheap and grow vegetables even if you do not have a backyard or much space. People have been able to grow on their balconies, things like cauliflower, kale, and even potatoes, if they’ve got the right conditions.

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Growing Vegetables Year Round

If you have your own greenhouse space then this will make growing vegetables a lot easier today when you want to grow year round vegetables so that you always have something available. A winter greenhouse can help you to be prepared to grow when the weather conditions aren’t right and are going to harm your harvest.

There are also a variety of easy to put together and affordable greenhouses today that can be found to help those who are looking to set up the right system to grow year round and be more self sufficient. Couple this with the myriad of tools available to do at home aquaponics or hydroponics and other growing systems etc, it has almost never been easier than it is today to grow and to automate that growing of those vegetables and plants for success.

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