Wendy’s Plans to Open Hundreds of Ghost Kitchens Around North America

Throughout the United States, around Canada, and within the United Kingdom as well, Wendy’s has plans to eventually open 700 ghost kitchens that will help meet business demands.


Why is Wendy’s opening ghost kitchens?

Those ghost kitchens that Wendy’s will be opening are going to be dedicated to focusing on delivery orders for Wendy’s. They will be opening the Wendy’s ghost kitchens by 2025 to try and meet the demand that they expect to be seeing for food delivery.

Each year Wendy’s serves millions of customers just in Canada alone and today they have thousands of different Wendy’s locations around the United States and Canada. Wendy’s is one of the top fast food places for millions. It also looks like recently Wendy’s dethroned Burger King to become the #2 burger chain in the U.S.

With their launch of a breakfast menu, focus on meeting delivery orders well into the future with ghost kitchens, it is clear they are making plans to keep up with demand going forward. The diverse menu for Wendy’s today makes it one of the best fast food chains that continually gets ranked on best fast food restaurant lists, among the other top names like Burger King, McDonald’s, and others.

Growing Demand for Food Delivery

There is a growing demand for food delivery today and we saw this through the pandemic. Suddenly restaurants started seeing a new high demand on delivery and that meant that some had to scramble to outfit their technology and apps to keep up. Many new restaurants might have added themselves to third party delivery apps like Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes.

To meet delivery demands for Wendy’s they have plans to open those 700 ghost kitchens in Canada, around the United States, and in the United Kingdom too. The restaurant might have as many as 50 of those ghost kitchens up and running by the end of this year.

Ghost Kitchens in Canada

They are going to be working toward the ghost kitchen project with Reef Technology Inc which is a start-up and Wendy’s has already piloted several ghost kitchens in Canada prior to making this decision for hundreds more.

Ghost kitchens are growing in popularity today as they provide an alternative for businesses who want to find more help for meeting their business demands and helping to serve customers around Canada and the world today. The ghost kitchens are a big help for businesses by providing a decrease to operation costs, they use less labor, use less square footage, and can be located in less desirable locations than a brick and mortar type restaurant space.

Ghost kitchens and cloud kitchens are of great benefit to many companies today in Canada and the U.S. who are already using them and have been using them for quite some time. Because of that successful run already with the kitchens in Canada they are going to be expanding those ghost kitchens now and setting up hundreds more ghost kitchens in the near future. Ghost kitchens are here to stay and it is easy to see why because of the value that they provide.

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  1. We used to have Wendy’s in Italy, but somehow it was taken over by MC Donald’s. I use to love their sandwiches!!! It’s true that in the US they were better 😋😉


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