Amazing Adventures: Paddleboard Through Canadian Glacial Lakes

There are many great places to see when looking to plan a vacation anywhere in BC or around Canada. There are a wide variety of parks, beaches, lakes, beautiful mountains, and popular tourist attractions to witness.


One of the exciting places in BC to plan a trip to is Campbell River. This Vancouver Island region is popular for tourists and has plenty to offer. All around the Campbell River area there are many places to see, you could make a day and go to the aquarium, go scuba diving, hike through some trails, do some whale watching, or get some ocean views and good food.

One popular activity to do in Campbell River is to go paddleboarding through glaciers in BC. Yes it is possible and this opportunity comes thanks to a company in the region that provides helicopter tours.

Helicopter Tours in BC

There are a variety of helicopter tours to find in Vancouver, around Vancouver Island, and throughout the Fraser Valley etc. Whether you want to explore downtown and see the city core, or get out to the mountains and witness some beautiful waterfalls, there are different trips to find and destinations to go and see.

Helicopter tours from downtown Vancouver frequently bring travelers from the downtown Vancouver region to the island and there are other ways of getting to the island as well, like taking the ferry to get there.

Vancouver Island is one of the most popular summer destinations for British Columbians, Canadians, and international travelers. You won’t run out of exciting things to do, great places to eat, good places to stay at, there is something of everyone.

Paddleboard through glaciers in BC

Who wouldn’t want to paddleboard through some beautiful glacial lakes in BC? Sounds like something that ideal vacations are made of. It certainly isn’t the experience that you would have on your average day. But this is an activity that travelers are enjoying thanks to that company in Campbell River that is supplying those helicopter rides.

In Campbell River if you are looking to book a helicopter tour you can find 49 North Helicopters, among other operators, that enable you to explore the West Coast on a different level.

Heli-Paddle Adventure In BC

The Heli-Paddle adventure that is offered by this helicopter tour company in Campbell River is going to offer an experience of a lifetime.

Get the chance to paddleboard through some of the oldest Canadian glaciers. Start off with a helicopter ride to the destination, get a few hours to explore glacial lakes, and then head back on the helicopter once again.

This is not only an exciting adventure in BC to plan but it is also one that offers stunning and beautiful Canadian views to take in, making it one of the top destinations if you want to have an unforgettable vacation this summer. Explore Canada in a new way and go on a paddleboard trip through glacial lakes.

This is a half day trip that is going to enable those travelers to paddle through Canadian glaciers and travel on those paddleboards between icebergs.


There are many places to see in BC and going paddle boarding through glacial lakes in Canada is one of the most exciting and beautiful adventures to plan.

On their social media for 49 North Helicopter you can see the footage from the tours they have done. They also post footage to their YouTube channel of them taking off in their helicopters. Booking a paddleboarding tour like this to see the glaciers is a great new way to explore Vancouver Island and see the beauty of Canada.

The paddleboard on glaciers adventure isn’t the only tour that is offered either. Booking a helicopter tour can be a fun and exciting new way to explore BC and there are multiple options as far as where to go, what to see and explore. Vancouver Island especially is full of fun activities to see and do for anyone traveling to Canada who wants to have a memorable vacation.


Visiting Vancouver island on Vacation

There are great hotels, restaurants, shopping places, and the best part of course is the adventure trips that can be had and the amazing wildlife to see. Aside from paddleboarding on glaciers in Canada, there are other helicopter adventure tours in BC that offer the chance to go fishing, skiing, hiking, and doing some general sightseeing and getting a new perspective on the area.

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These are one of a kind adventures in BC to plan and take part in that are going to offer memories that will never be forgotten. There are stunning Canadian glaciers to see, beautiful BC forests and lakes, and you can book these trips which give access as well to expert guides for those journeys. These helicopter tours are one more exciting way to explore and enjoy British Columbia and visit unique and beautiful places around the province.

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