Vancouver Aquarium Reopening Next Week

The pandemic has hit many businesses hard and one of those industries that has paid a significant price is the tourism industry. Almost overnight things drastically changed because of COVID-19 and it would be more than one year before we might see things start to return to any sort of new normal.


Now, BC is reopening and moving forward with its roadmap for that plan, along with other areas around the world. Travel is picking up in Canada, the U.S., and other countries. Vaccine rates are climbing and in general it looks like the tourism industry is slowly starting to make that comeback again.

The border reopening with the U.S. and Canada for fully vaccinated Americans recently also helped to boost that tourism activity. Instantly we saw long lines at the border with many Americans who were eager to come across finally for non-essential travel.

Aquarium in Vancouver Reopening 2021

One of those popular tourist attractions in Vancouver is the Vancouver Aquarium and this venue is going to be reopening again soon to visitors.

Vancouver Aquarium is reopening on Monday August 16th 2021.

How much are tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium?
REGULAR TICKET 13-64 – $42.00
CHILD 3-12 – $26.25
STUDENT 19+ W/ID $36.75
SENIOR 65+ $36.75

Get tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium here


Over 65,000 animals at Vancouver Aquarium

See snakes, otters, ducks, seals, and more, there are thousands of different animals to witness when you visit the Vancouver Aquarium. This is one of the most kid-friendly, family-friendly, and fun learning activity spaces in Metro Vancouver. With a mix of new, fun, and learning, it’s great for kids and families.

The Vancouver Aquarium marine mammal rescue team does priceless work in helping endangered animals around the province that need assistance. They frequently rescue animals like seals that need help when they get hit by boats or entangled in fishing gear. The Marine Mammal Rescue team does tremendous work in helping those animals that need the attention.

On the Marine Mammal Rescue social media page you can follow those rescue efforts and see a number of photos of those animals that they have already helped to rescue. Thanks to this organization responding to animal medical emergencies in the province they are able to help a number of animals each year.

Photo by Kindel Media on

If you want to see the rescue of those animals in action you can also watch Wild Pacific Rescue which chronicles their efforts. The Wild Pacific Rescue show is a behind the scenes television series that gives viewers a chance to see wildlife in British Columbia and witness some of these rescues thanks to the Vancouver Aquarium vet team.

Visitors that are going to the aquarium in Vancouver when it opens are going to need to reserve their tickets online first as has been the case with other venues reopening since closing temporarily.

Where is the Vancouver Aquarium?

The Aquarium as you can see from the map below is located in Stanley Park. One of the nearby train stations is the Waterfront Station and walking from there to the Vancouver Aquarium is only about a 10 minute walk or so.

The Vancouver Aquarium is one of the top tourist attractions in Vancouver. At the aquarium this year you can see a number of different animals, experience the 4D theater film Octopus, or pay a visit to the gift shop.

The gift shop at the aquarium is a good place to find souvenirs in Vancouver when you want to get a little something to take back to remember your trip. Supporting the Vancouver Aquarium also means supporting the work they do with rescuing those different animals in the province and providing those emergency resources to animals in need.

Family Friendly Fun in the Summer

A trip to the Vancouver Aquarium is great for people of all ages, especially for kids and families. This is a place to come and see something new, get a chance to learn and experience some adventure, and support the aquarium in its efforts to do good in and around the community.

Visiting the aquarium in Vancouver gives guests a chance to get to know the amazing animals that are there being featured in the exhibits. At the Vancouver Aquarium you can see a wide range of animals including seals, otters, snakes, penguins, ducks, fish, jellies, and more.

Get the chance to book your visit starting next week on Aug 16 2021.

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