On The Hunt For The Best Crab Cakes

Vancouver is a city that has a wide range of seafood restaurants to choose from when you are craving some good seafood. There are high end seafood restaurants and more affordable, laid-back comfortable seafood locations, everything in-between.


Where are crab cakes in Vancouver?

In Vancouver you will find crab cakes (a favorite seafood snack or meal) being served at a variety of different restaurants. From White Spot to the Canteen, The Coquitlam Grill, Water Street Cafe, you will find them around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland when you are looking for crab cakes in Vancouver.

You can find a wide range of seafood options including crab cakes and lobster rolls, and many other seafood dishes. Being on the West Coast it isn’t surprising that you would find many seafood locations to eat. Head on over to Granville Island in Vancouver for some of the best seafood restaurants in the city.

Restaurants With Great Lobster Rolls In Vancouver

Not only can you find great crab cakes for summer but also lobster rolls in Vancouver too. These are two popular items to gravitate toward in the summer.

Right now Ricky’s All Day Grill has also introduced some crab cakes to the menu, including:






Looking to head out into the other direction away from Vancouver you can also find many seafood restaurants in White Rock and around Surrey. Having some fish and chips by the beach is a favorite pastime not only for British Columbians but also for the many tourists who come here yearly and who enjoy heading to the beach at White Rock and getting some seafood with family or friends.

Great Brunch Spots in Vancouver

One of the best brunch spots around the Vancouver area is Ricky’s All Day Grill which offers affordable comfort foods, aside from their new crab cake items on the menu, they also have grilled cheese on the menu, burgers, a chicken cheddar BLT burger, fish and chips, and other comfortable classic dishes.

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There are many beaches to enjoy around British Columbia for when you want to take your meal out to enjoy at one of the different spaces that showcase the beauty of the province. Get out on a nice hot sunny day and have some fish and chips by the water, there is no shortage of seafood restaurants in Vancouver to choose from when that is your plan.

Best Seafood Restaurants In Vancouver

Some of the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver include Cardero’s Restaurant, The Keg Steakhouse + Bar, Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar, West Oak Restaurant, The Vancouver Fish Company, Sandbar Seafood Restaurant, Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe, Popina Canteen, Water St Cafe, and more.

There are many waterfront seafood restaurants in Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland if you want a spot to dine that has fresh fish and seafood options.

For a seafood dinner on a budget there are options like Ricky’s All Day Grill or Cockney’s Fish and Chips, these are going to be affordable and comfortable seafood choices for a friendly dinner, date night out, or family get together.

For some, summer just isn’t summer if it doesn’t include some delicious crab cakes and beach time. Lucky for those in the Vancouver area you will have no shortage in restaurants serving crab cakes, lobster rolls, and other seafood favorites.

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