Christmas Movies Filming This Year Around Vancouver

British Columbia has been previously and frequently referred to as ‘Hollywood North’ and for good reason. The province has a thriving film industry and has been the background to countless feature film and television productions. Many stars have filmed here and well-known art projects have been made in Vancouver and around the province.


Right now there are several productions that are busy filming in BC and they include names like Batwoman for Season 3, Nancy Drew Season 3, Riverdale Season 6, A Million Little Things Season 4, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 7, and others.

Getting Started on Christmas Movies Filming in BC

Of those projects that are currently underway and filming in Vancouver and around the lower mainland they include many Christmas-themed projects. There is more than one Christmas movie currently being filmed in Vancouver and other nearby areas.

The Christmas projects currently being worked on and those starting soon include:

A Mrs. Miracle Christmas

Adventures in Christmasing

Christmas Alone Together

Christmas Promise

Christmas Sail

Christmas Time is Here

Coyote Creek Christmas

Round About Christma

Merry Liddle Christmas Baby

My Christmas Family Tree

Gingerbread Miracle.


With Halloween candy already making its way to the shelves around Vancouver, talks of pumpkin spice everything not far behind, it’s the perfect time to get started on working on those fall and Christmas-themed projects. The film industry in BC is responsible for creating thousands of jobs and creating many works of art that showcase the beauty of the region as well.

The BC Film Industry

When looking for what’s filming in Vancouver it isn’t hard to find signs or see movie trucks etc, you can frequently spot them filming in downtown Vancouver and other cities around the lower mainland and the province. When the pandemic closed many businesses and impacted industries all over the world it was the film industry that also paid a heavy price.

Now things are getting back to normal for filming in BC and different productions being crafted in Vancouver etc, which gives those who are looking for work in the industry a better opportunity to go and find it now. The film industry in BC helps create many jobs from craft services to stunt experts, lighting crews, production assistants, background actors, and more.

Well known film studios in Vancouver include Vancouver Film Studios, Shoreline Studios, and several others.

Popular projects that have been filmed in Vancouver in the past include a wide number of Blockbuster smash hit movies that have been shown at theaters around Canada and the world.

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