Triple O’s Has A New Montreal Smoked Meat Burger

Triple O’s has a number of locations around BC and on the menu they’ve recently introduced the Montreal Smoked Meat Burger.

What comes on the Montreal Smoked Meat Burger from Triple O’s?

On this burger you can expect to see Canadian beef, provolone cheese, along with some Montreal smoked meat that is also topped with banana peppers and mustard. You will get the classic pickle that comes with Triple O’s burgers too.

Looking for a new burger to try for summer? Triple O’s has the new Montreal Smoked Meat Burger for you to try. And they make it easy to order for delivery or pick it up, to dine in etc, there are multiple options.

Montreal Smoked Meat Burger from Triple O’s

The peppers that come on the Montreal Smoked Meat Burger offer a little bit of a spice bit it isn’t much. If you are one who doesn’t like any spice at all then you might want to think about removing those, though banana peppers don’t offer a lot of heat.

For meat lovers in Canada this is a great new burger to try from Triple O’s, pair it with some fried pickle chips or a blueberry milkshake that is made with fresh BC blueberries.

Triple O’s offers a wide variety of fast food items along with delicious fresh favorites like the blueberry milkshake, Montreal Smoked Meat burger, and others.

Go their for breakfast lunch or dinner, they’ve got convenient locations all around the province. The breakfast menu is also loaded with choices like the Jalapeno Breakfast Ciabatta or breakfast club sandwich.

Burger Specials at Triple O’s

There is also the Triple “O” Tuesdays promotion where you can enjoy an original burger for $4.99 on Tuesday at participating locations.

The burgers at Triple O’s, like the new Montreal Smoked Meat Burger, are made with 100% fresh Canadian beef.

The Montreal Smoked Meat burger is what is new from Triple O’s right now this summer to try in BC if you are looking for a burger must have that you do not want to miss.

There are also plenty of other fresh menu items to be found on the menu too. The Buttermilk Chicken Club, Spicy Ultimate Crunch, Dippin’ Chicken Tenders, and more. Don’t miss a chance to try their honey mustard either because it is by far some of the best honey mustard to be found in BC at a fast food restaurant.

Looking for non-meat burger options in Vancouver and around BC? you can also find plant based burgers at Triple O’s as well. They have the veggie burger and original impossible burger on the menu.

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