More Travelers Coming Through Border Now

The Canada and US border is recently reopening further to fully vaccinated American travelers and that means that we can expect to start seeing more travelers coming through for summer now.


There are a variety of businesses that depend on that tourism and who are waiting to see those tourism levels rise again so that they can continue getting back to business, recovering from the pandemic that inflicted so much pain on so many. The businesses that depend on those tourists, such as restaurants and hotels around border towns and popular cities, have seen a decline through the pandemic and are working to get back to where things were beforehand.

For an area like Point Roberts it has had an extremely devastating impact, pushing many people to leave the region and go elsewhere. Businesses have also had to close up shop because they couldn’t endure the continued closure in the region and so little business that had been coming in. Though the travel restrictions with Canada and the U.S. are lifting recently for fully vaccinated Americans it is causing a bit of confusion along the way.

Those in border towns around Canada and the United States will be happy to see things pick up again now with those tourists flowing in. Millions of tourists come to Canada each year and visit areas like Vancouver, White Rock, and other destinations across Canada.


Of course the number of Americans that had been traveling to Canada last year significantly declined with border closures for non-essential travel. Now the border is reopening for those fully vaccinated Americans to come through once again. Some have already made plans to travel upon hearing about the border reopening plans for those changes.

It isn’t going to be mutual with the United States just yet though and there is some confusion there as well. It also isn’t clear yet when the border might reopen as usual to unvaccinated Americans and Canadians to go either way across the border. More changes on the easing of those border restrictions with the United States and Canada are expected to be coming soon though for more who are fully vaccinated from other countries.

We could see those changes to the border restrictions for international travelers come sometime in Sept this year.

Not that long ago the health minister in Canada had reportedly said that they would start to ease those Canadian border restrictions because of the rising vaccination rates and the decline in cases. This is a gradual and careful approach that they are taking to reopening the border with Canada and the U.S. after being closed for such a long time to non-essential travel as it has been.

B.C. is already underway with the reopening plans and that means that slowly over the summer months we have seen an easing of those pandemic-related restrictions. There is still concern for some cases though that they are seeing, and that has meant that some areas like the Okanagan had to once again introduce restrictions because of COVID-19.

The strike with border workers also just recently ended in time for things to change with fully vaccinated Americans coming through now for vacations. So now those businesses that highly depend on tourism throughout British Columbia and Canada are going to see that influx of tourism. This is because of the changes where fully vaccinated American citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. as well, are both going to now be able to plan trips and come through for non-essential travel, including for leisure or vacation purposes.

For now it isn’t clear when Canadians can expect to see the same on the American side as White House officials haven’t indicated when things might ease up on the border for Canadians coming through to the United States for non-essential travel.

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