Multiple Ways To Help Animals In Your Community

Not many of us have the space that allows us to take in a large number of animals to take care of, or any for that matter. A wide number of rental units today prohibit renters from having pets, and that leaves shelters and other organizations seeing more demand for those animals in the community who need care.

Giving them a roof over their head is one direct way to help but it isn’t the only way.


There Are Multiple Ways To Help Animals Around You

It does not have to be taking them in personally if you want to help any in need animals in your area. There are multiple ways to get involved and to help whether it be giving financial donations, pet food donations, or your time.

Clean Up The Beach

For those who are interested in helping sealife one of the easiest ideas that comes to mind for many is to head over to the beach and help to clean up any litter that is left around. There are beach cleaning groups that have been organized in countries around the world, including those right here in British Columbia to help clean the beach area of trash.

Various groups have been involved in BC beach cleanups and other beach cleanups around the world for decades now, helping to keep those environments clean of litter for years.


Pet Food Donations

Calling pet centers and pet organizations to ask if they are looking for pet food donations is a great way to get started in seeing if this is one way that you could help. Do you have some extra dog food or cat food that you do not need? Why not think to contact the local food bank as well in your area and see if these are items that they could use, to give away to those families who come to their centers looking for help. Some of them might need help for their pets as well.

There are thousands of different organizations around Canada and elsewhere in the world that are looking to offer the resources for those animals in need. Many individuals and families have taken to donating pet food donations to different groups or organizations, food banks etc, because even a little bit can go a long way.

Adopt A Kennel

It is possible in BC to adopt a kennel space for a dog or a kennel for a cat, to help more than one animal that might come through their system. For $300-$500 this could mean adopting a kennel space that would see multiple dogs or cats come through in that SPCA venue, this is one way to help that has a great impact on the lives of many animals in need in the community.

Not only can you adopt a kennel space for dogs or adopt a kennel space in BC for cats but you can also adopt a cat activity space or dog activity space too. This is just one way to help bring more resources to an organization that is already doing such tremendous work around the province for animals in need.


Make a Financial Donation To Help Animals in Need

There are a large number of organizations in Canada and around British Columbia that are dedicated to helping animals of one kind or another. When you want to help strengthen those emergency resources in the province that help animals in need then this is a great way to do it.

Donations can be made to organizations like the BC SPCA and they go a long way to helping cats, dogs, and other animals that need care in the province.

There are multiple ways to help animals in the community and this is one that has a direct and significant impact, without donations that have been made over the years to these organizations they wouldn’t be able to help as many animals as they have. That community support goes on to help meet those needs for the animals in the area, it strengthens those organizations to do more, and giving a financial donation is a way to help that today can be done in a highly convenient manner.

Foster A Cat or Dog

There are organizations like the BC SPCA which help those who are looking to adopt or foster a cat or dog be able to match up with one that is looking for a home. This is one place to look first in BC for anyone who wants to adopt a cat or dog, or who is willing to foster a pet, because this organization does significant work in helping to find those permanent homes and foster homes for animals in need.

Especially with the wildfires that have been burning around the province, organizations like the BC SPCA have been overwhelmed in some areas from the animals coming to the center who need help and those adoption and foster families play a big role in providing that helping hand.

These aren’t the only ways to help animals in the community, there are a wide range of ideas to get out there and get helping. Many businesses in BC, around Canada, and the world, can be found that are dedicated to helping one animal cause or another. If you look out for ways to help it won’t be that hard to quickly find many.

Every Little Bit Helps

Whether it is a $5 donation to the emergency shelter, an extra bag of dog food being donated to a local pet clinic or food bank, cleaning up the beach for a few minutes on the weekend, or offering up your home as a forever home to a cat, dog, or other pet in need, all of these actions go toward helping those animals in need of assistance in our communities.

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  1. At work I organized pet food drives for the local Humane Society but had to sell it as assisting the elderly. Most people didn’t seem to want to help just for the animals’ welfare.


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